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May 2011



5.01.11 -

Life is like a ride from Dimitris Ladopoulos on Vimeo.



5.07.11 -


I had to do a complete re-install of XP on my computer last week due to glitch in the SP3 update. Quite the interesting process, taking about 4 days to complete, transferring files, wiping the disk, re-installing all the programs and updates, settings, profiles, found out one of my DVD players was deceased. In observing the whole process, getting into the registry to do some editing, it occurred to me again how similar computers are to humans operating systems. Humans have computers, even those technologies we don't know about, beat hands down; no contest. I was talking to someone about this and they pointed out that similar emerging technologies seem to present themselves as we ourselves awaken to our higher consciousness. I would add that our higher consciousness is latent due to cultural software that imprisons one in the head; latent meaning those abilities are there, functioning, waiting for us to become aware of them and shift them out of neutral into drive consciously.


Why am I sharing my thoughts on my re-installation? Because I'd forgotten to backup my signatures in Outlook. I lost some wonderful quotes, specifically one by R. D. Laing. I knew part of the quote and Googled it, then found it on a site entitled: A Jungian Approach to Psychosis. I found other quotes by a Jungian Analyst named John Weir Perry who studied with Carl Jung. There is an interview article called "The inner Apocalypse in Mythology, Madness & The Future." Even if one is mostly in their heads, they ought to be able to glean some excellent revelations about themselves and the world we live in. For those of you who spend less time in the head, there should be additional revelations that resonate in other ways. Read the article and see if you can become aware of the additional revelations.


I am thankful for the ongoing synchronicities that occur, such as my forgetting to backup my quotes, which then led me to find this great article:


A Conversation With John Weir Perry: 

The Inner Apocalypse in Mythology, Madness & The Future




“Being Moved By Spirit To The Rhythm Of Music” By Sherman R. Buck

I've been spending a lot of time listening to various types of trance music; trance, vocal trance, psy trance, chillout, dub mix, progressive, and a host of other types to numerous to mention. I started out with listening to and eventually began to write down the names of the bands/songs that really moved me literally in body, mind, soul, and spirit. Most of what I am drawn to is the non-vocal stuff or at the least, those with vocals that have a positive message, rather than the dysfunctional shit that the many are programmed with. If you find what resonates with you, do a search and in most cases the artist gives away free tracks and or mixes. I don't buy music unless it resonates with my soul period. 

As my consciousness continues to evolve, I find less and less interest in the mainstreamed accepted music, and that includes the sub-culture groups as well, specifically when one is supposed to take on those attributes of those groups as their identity. There is a flow in creative consciousness that births incredible sounds that act as mantras for the soul, resonating throughout the body to move it, in order to change the vibrational patterns of cultural forms of rigidity that effect the body and mind, effectively locking out the soul/spirit connection. That's what cultural norms do in general. In general we like something because it is acceptable by the group and first/second chakra demands we fit into the group. Likewise, those lower chakras hook one into the collective mind, where one resonates to the beat of the collective mind rather than the spiritual mind; two different experiences. Realize that conformity is usually not a conscious process. 

 Moving to music is an exploratory creative process that requires curiosity to engage the rhythms. Doing this requires one to open themselves in body/mind to be aware of the differing movements that resonate from within desiring to express themselves outwardly into the world. One might "think" they should act according to the cultural rules and follow along zombie like to the accepted patterns of movement conformity; think of all the dance crazes that have evolved; monkey see, monkey do.  Since turning 50, especially the last two years, heading towards 53 this year, it has become glaringly obvious how the various age groups, both lower and higher, are caught up in the game of fitting in and doing what is expected of them. In essence, one is supposed to stay in the appropriate age group in general and follow along with those norms. If you want to live a sterile life, keep on doing that and when you reach your older years, you will suddenly realize what I am talking about. 

What is intriguing about this, is the whole idea of age and how the many are completely sterile to the realization that they are the same eternal soul that was in the infant sized body at birth as they are throughout their entire life span. The many are so caught up in their cultural blindness that they have no idea how ignorant they are of this truth. The many have been conditioned to "identify" with their body as their source of self and it is a lie. This is not to say the body is irrelevant as many religious organizations do, because it is extremely important in ways that will become glaringly obvious as one opens the inner doors of perception and steps through and begins to re-acquaint themselves with their eternal BEING. This idea that religions have shoved down the throats of the masses, (along with great helpings of fear, guilt, and shame), would have you "believe" that this is your only life, that you only have one chance to get it right, and if you don't you're fucked eternally; Wrong answer fellow souls. 

You "think" you know the truth, but in reality the only truth you know is what you have been intellectually weaned on. The only way to know otherwise is through the experiential pathways to direct knowing. There is no way one is going to enter an inner doorway and "experience" the various aspects of the divine via "thinking." This is why I have been drawn to a great deal of body work, breath work, and in the last ten years, a lot of body movement, more so with music, and fine tuning what really moves my spirit within this divine spiritual vessel of elementals. The many are stuck in habitual patterns that have woven a rigid lifestyle that conforms them to follow along blindly, thinking they are following their bliss, when in fact they are merely following the old mantra, "It's better to be safe than sorry," by fitting in, which unbeknownst to them is imprisonment and impoverishment. The bliss they "think" they are dipping into is actually pain and suffering; it's called sadomasochism. 

They have been conditioned to such a degree as to believe they are enjoying themselves, when in fact all they are doing is getting a sense of security by fitting in and adhering to the guidelines enforced through various passive and not so passive social, political, religious constructs designed to corral them along specific pathways of consciousness much like cattle, sheep, or hogs. Welcome to the wonderful world of domestication people! The way out of this mess is to free your mind by freeing your body. The choice is yours; continue on with sadomasochism or switch to the path of divine joy, bliss, and ecstasy. One would think this would be a no-brainer, but obviously not so, when one looks out into the world debilitated by pain and suffering from going along blindly with the program. This is what fear does and what fear looks like. 

Body movement helps to shake up the patterns we exist within each day, conforming to the daily grind. Think about this, how you get up every day, five days or so a week, and you do the same routine getting ready for work, going to work, doing work, taking the accepted breaks, then get back on the tread mill conspiring to somehow manage to convince yourself you are living the American Dream or some other cultural dream of grandiosity. As long as one is caught up in the head, there is no authentic reality, only a cultural fantasy that many chase after like a jackass with a carrot dangling over the head for the latest clothes, cars, houses, gadgets, fads, that will make them desirable or acceptable or normal or better than. There is no soul/spirit design in this sort of programming. 

There's another world that exists outside of the House of Cards you are being sold. The choice is to move your ass to your own rhythms or get moved by the others. I can assure you the grass is not greener on the other side, for that is just delusional thinking courtesy of ego programming; it's just another carrot dangling off the end of a stick over your head.  Children don't move because they have to or because they are forced to. They move because they enjoy moving and frolicking about. As Paul William's states in his book "Das Energi": 

"Participating in the energy flow is the only satisfaction there is in life."

Do you know how much effort it requires for authentic enjoyment? None. On the other hand, immense effort is required to stifle joy, bliss, and ecstasy for the sake of cultural conformity. This is why movement is important, as it brings about AWARENESS of how the body is rigidified, stressed out, uptight; you've heard of the phrase "that person is a tight ass", well it's about being anal retentive, unable to move, having no liberation, no authentic self. There's no enjoyment in being non-authentic, so the music teaches you how to move again towards self-liberation, moves you towards expressing your true self in the now. This idea that salvation comes in some far distant future is just what it implies; a future trip. The many have been following the great fear, guilt, and shame trip believing in some future trip that doesn't and will never exist.

The Divine is always singing to us in the truth of vast rhythms, resonating immense vibrations of bliss, joy, love, compassion, ecstasy, moving us to express the fullness of our creative natures. Music touches the soul, and depending on what sort of vibrations you listen to, it can open you up in ways you never imagined or it can shut you down. Due to the mechanistic ways we move through life, we truly are not able to move our bodies to the beat of our souls. The many are in need of remembering how to be fully in their bodies, to feel the fullness of them, the joy of being in them, the bliss that resonates within them, the ecstasy of being in touch with the divine all the time. True fulfillment is BEING authentic. There is a natural rhythm of the soul that seeks to express itself via the divine elemental spiritual vehicle called the human body. Letting go is the ticket to experiencing this freedom. 

Music can be an effective tool for undoing the various rigid straight jackets that have seriously limited the range of the body to be expressive in its creative movements of BEING. Re-learning how to dance without guilt, shame or fear is your divine right. Learning to move without rhyme or reason will bring about an opening to the originality of your authentic expression in any given moment. If you watch young children, they don't care what others think about them until it is eventually shoved down their throats to not BE. They sing, dance, play, do art, and express themselves without judging their peers, all the while enjoying themselves, being themselves, appreciating themselves, loving themselves; need I say more on this people? 

The many got robbed blindly as children of the greatest riches they had; which is their authentic BEING. They were given the switcheroo of material goods and cultural conformity as the gems to die for; and you know they did die, and they buried their authentic being under a lot of non-sense to pacify the dysfunction of cultural conformity. Am I angry about that? No, why should I be. I have my freedom, and no one can tell me what I should be in order to be accepted. I don't need anyone's permission to be authentic and that is the lie that the many have been taught. You don't need anyone's permission to be your authentic self. If you are harming no one, then that is their dysfunction to deal with. Love has no need to react. 

Look around you and truly see what is going on. Look at the numbers of those with dis-eases, of how many chemicals the many are addicted too. What does this have to do with music you ask? A lot! For starters, if one's body is rigidified, then there is a direct correlation in suppressing the flow of joy, bliss, and ecstasy, and along with those amazing three divine aspects, your divine awareness goes out the window. No awareness equals conformity. Not being authentic sets up a conflict of interest that causes dis-ease. Illness, both mental and physical is a direct correlation to not being AUTHENTIC. To not be authentic is to be dis-eased, which sets up a perpetual state of dysfunction, stress, and anxiety that eats away at one's essence. One is out of balance, out of touch, with their soul, spirit, and their divine nature. Being authentic has an authentic rhythm that expresses itself through the unlimited potential of energetic fields of awareness. Exploring body movement through music releases the conforming patterns of movements that locked down your fields of awareness. 

More mental masturbation is not the way out of this mess, as it was what caused it in the first place. As children we were forced to sit for hours on end for twelve years of schooling. All that enforced sitting rigidified the body and stifled the natural/authentic flows of energetic fields of awareness; that was the whole point. Twelve years of obedient sitting and not being able to move with the fields of awareness that enjoyed moving, exploring, being curious, effectively shut you out of the Garden of Eden you once occupied. Sitting all those hours became unbearable. Remember being told, "stop fidgeting," "sit still and be quiet,”? You were being trained to rigidify the body and to shut down the flow of consciousness within. If one sits long enough, it becomes unbearable, and eventually to avoid the discomfort, they tune out. In the meantime, they enforced intellectual thinking to the nth degree till you lost touch with your instinctual nature, intuition, creative muse, and soul. 

You were taught to think and thinking is a 24/7 occupation in the process of enculturation, learning all the dos and don'ts and what the acceptable truths are. The rest is posted as "OFF LIMITS," to ensure obedience to those who run the show. You aren't children anymore, but you "believe" as you did then, not realizing you are an adult that can return to the Garden again to reclaim what is your spiritual divinity/identity/BEING. Move, get off your ass, open your mind and your heart to the spiritual rhythms of being that have no limits to their expressions. 

I'm going to be doing a video of moving to music here shortly and will be posting a page for music I find that moves my soul. And it may not do anything for you and that is perfectly acceptable. I will say that none of us who are waking up, came to this planet to be what others wanted us to be. And the heart has a rhythm beyond all culturally created rhythms, sound, and music. Your quest is to seek those sounds that move your soul outside the boundaries of conformity. 

Here's a song I found that I have been replaying while writing this piece:

Get up and move to it, even if it means doing it alone to avoid dealing with those who might judge. Break the habits of NOT MOVING, find different ways to move, feel out the rhythms that seek to dance with you and through you. Notice how the urge to just sit there may arise, judging it or how you may convince yourself you don't have time or you don't like it. Who is it that is "thinking" these thoughts? Authentic you or the cultural facade of conformity? Challenge your assumptions and allow the inner child to explore and express its curiosity for life itself.

The whole idea to keep in mind is that you are moving to unwind the incredible amount of knots that have been tied up in the body politics and in your energetic fields; there are no right or wrong movements. As you get back in touch with your intuitive instinctual self, you will find a flow, a sense that seeks to move you, and this is how Tai Chi and Qigong originated in their various styles, for someone was tapping into the Qi and allowing it to move them. Eventually they chose certain movements for their particular style. This is what spontaneous Qigong is or simply spontaneous authentic movement. If you follow your bliss, your soul, your authentic BEING, you will be guided to unwind all the tensions that have stifled your awareness and ability to express your BEING.

Listen to what feels right and don't get discouraged, as you are learning to listen to the faint calling of your soul beckoning you up the staircase to your higher self/awareness. When you get in the authentic flow, you will know you are there by the feelings of joy, bliss, ecstasy, and along with those you may also feel great sorrow or sadness that will bring tears, as you free yourself from the stifling imprisonment of your authentic BEING. Allow all these to arise without reacting or restricting them. This is the healing aspect of movement, because it is the movements that allow your BEING to be PRESENT, to come front and center in your field of awareness. You will feel goose bumps, and your hair will stand up, and you will feel exquisite feelings rippling through your body. There will be times you will feel your chakras open up and pulse, energies moving back into harmony and balance, feeling pulsing energies flowing out the crown chakras or expansive openings within. This is your authentic Being coming back on-line in the NOW. 

This is the only authentic TESTAMENT you need to know you are on the right track. The spiritual body will show you the way home. The heart doesn't need to think about it, as it already knows if you let it lead you. Again, look at the children laughing, giggling, and enjoying themselves. Those attributes of BEING are not for children alone, nor to be outgrown, but to be enjoyed and EMBODIED by everyone for the fullness of everyone's lifetime. Thinking is not required at all in this process; it's what got you lost in the first place. Jesus himself said, "Until you become like children you will not enter the kingdom." This somber version of spirituality that religion has been teaching is mockery of our divine parents.

There is something Other Worldly, Divine if you will, that we tap into, that rises us above the mundane, moves us to higher expressions of vibrational awareness that seeks to open us up to greater expressions of our divinity. With that said, there is going to be a natural movement towards music that resonates to higher frequencies of divine consciousness. In Genesis, it states, "In the beginning was the word," meaning sound, vibrations, fields of consciousness, divine matter, all relating in the divine dance of creation, of original blessing rather than original sin. At some point, you begin to notice that the old falls away, that which no longer supports your authentic expression, or resonates with your heart will cease to exist.

The new reality that arises shows you what you were caught up in as a worthless delusion. You will find new paths leading to greater resonances that embrace your authentic BEING free from the judgments of ego self and others. You say you want to be free, then claim it, move, be, because thinking about it is only going to continue the same old comfortable security of pain and suffering. As I've said before, a person will only change when their pain and suffering is greater than their fear of change. What do you choose? Fear or Love?

I am indebted to the many different artists, musicians who through their creative expressions have moved me to greater levels of being and who continue to do so. May they continue to be inspired by Divine vibrations of creation in motion



5.08.11 -


“Non-Judgment Day”

By Sherman R. Buck

There always seems to have been this “idea” of judgment day coming. If you really contemplate this, the realization surfaces that we already live in judgment day. Every day we judge ourselves, for it is this context that sows the seeds of judging others.

We are constantly judged by our looks, clothes, cars, cell phones, house, by the neighborhood we live in, the friends we keep, how much money we have, the size of our retirement plan, our skin color, race, sex, orientation, physical attributes, religion, political beliefs, the ideas we keep, and on and on ad nauseum.


It’s a farce to preach about the end times as judgment day because it implies/avoids the realization we’ve been judged since we were born, to the point we became infected with the same adult dis-ease of judging one’s authentic self. This then led to judging others as a projection/protection to avoid awareness of our own self-judgments. The whole process is a vicious circle of reasons. I call this the dog chasing its tail syndrome. This is how we remain imprisoned in the head.

As children, we didn’t judge, because we were living in the present with authenticity. Children aren’t past/future tripping worrying about what others will think about them. They are living in unconditional love, which means their eternal souls are able to express their “presence” into the world.  This self-acceptance is what nourishes their self-worth, which is what self-love is. This is ultimately what respect is about. One’s salvation is self-respect and no amount of thinking or judging will bring about awareness of heaven within.

Heaven is not so much a place as it is a presence brought about by letting go and allowing the divine grace to flow from within out into the world. An example of this in Nature occurs in Springtime when one witnesses a flower unfolding and emerging into the world. The divine drives this beauty to express itself, radiating outwards from within. That which flows out of the flower and every other living being is love.


Love is our essence; it is our driving force, our divinity shining out into a world gone mad with reasoning. Our freedom is not in thinking; in fact that is what imprisons the many in the head. Reasoning (thinking) has taken the place of common sense, which means to be aware, to listen to one’s divine intuition and instincts. Divine knowing is a listening endeavor, requiring presence in order to hear, feel, and know truth flowing from the divine source within. This requires no thinking whatsoever.

Children do this naturally without needing any adult to teach them how to know; this is the gift of Being. Do you really think that Nature needed an education in order to create the Universe? Creation was the educational process of doing through direct experiencing. There were no intellectual discussions of the pros and cons, nor did our divine parents judge one way or the other. Instead, they sought to create what served the whole with win/win situations. The eternal soul, being created in the image of our divine parents, is quite competent in knowing how to unfold into the world. If only the adults would just get out of their heads and be present as divine birthers, then awareness would present itself respectfully without judgments.

There is a saying that fits here: “as children we came to be reflected, instead we got corrected.” Just as in Nature, flowers don’t need anyone telling them how to unfold. No soul was born onto a planet to be what others want them to be. There’s nothing extraordinary in conforming, no matter what reasons the conformists give.

 The truth is we were judged into judging through the process of cultural conditioning, being downloaded with cultural software, programming us on what to believe, which dictated how to act and think via others expectations; I call this living in the box. As children we had no choice, as our survival depended on obeying the rules to get our basic needs met. Peer pressure is a force to be reckoned with if one is to be authentic.

The reptilian portion of the triune brain system plays a role in this conforming process, creating patterns of repetitive thought structures to ensure basic survival. Repetition creates habitual patterns, and when the habit is learned, conscious effort is no longer necessary to maintain the pattern. By creating unconscious patterns, they effectively take one out of conscious presence. Habitual patterns function to deaden awareness and as such serve a survival purpose of shutting off awareness of the pain and suffering of having to go against one’s authentic knowing/Being.


The truth is we are evolving/moving towards non-judgment times; not days. This idea of the Divine Mother/Father judging us is even more ludicrous and indicative of the insanity of those professing to know the Divine, when all they’re really doing is projecting their own fear, guilt, and shame onto others. The divine has no need for self-loathing and self-hatred, as this is what fear, guilt, and shame are rooted in.

Self-loathing and self-hatred arises from judging one’s self, which then breeds judging others. What we judge in others is what we judge in ourselves. How ironic the many are oblivious (amnesia) of how enmeshed/imprisoned they are in this ongoing judgment process. The only way out of this insanity is to stop judging one’s authentic self. Notice what you judge in the other, for this will reveal your self-judgments and show you the way towards self-acceptance, self-worth, self-love, and self-respect.

Non-judgment day is close at hand. Stop past/future tripping, so you can bear witness to the present. Please note that thinking is not required in this process; just acceptance from moment to moment. Realize enlightenment is nothing more than full awareness that there is nothing wrong with whom you are in the presence of your Being. Be a gift to the world by Being authentically present.




5.16.11 -

I received a link for a TED video about on-line filtering bubbles on the Internet, on how companies like Facebook, Google, Yahoo and others tailor what a person reads, sees, and hears. As I watched the video, it occurred to me that Eli Pariser was talking about algorithms just like most talk about corporations, as if they were living entities; actually humans create them. Even more interesting was noticing filtering systems occurring on-line mirror our own egoic psychical structures. I find it interesting that the many are caught up in spending varied amounts of time on-line staring at a screen lost in the Internet that is filtering what you look at; much like your brain filters what you perceive out in the external world. The Internet is mirroring our own programmed bias filtering systems and it begets the question, why is this occurring? There's more, but I'll leave it for you to contemplate on.



5.19.11 - 


Your vastness of Being within you in some ways much like the oceans, with immense rolling movements of waves, sweltering in the Sun, moved by currents with forces that know without needing to THINK. This vastness when become ONE with it, become COMFORTABLE with it and COMFORTED by it, begins to heal the ache that cannot be filled with words; EVER. Words have no meaning in these places because they cannot replace the feelings and understanding that arises, especially so when the waves meet the shores of what we THINK is HOME; It is not and can never be our true home. Until you know your BEING, you will never come home. I have currents moving in me that are so immense, they feel like the flows of tides being pulled by the Moon, only these are pulled by something greater than even this solitary solar system. Open up your heart and you will begin the journey home. Letting go to these current will heal and soothe every aspect that is out of touch with BEING.


Let go now; Be Present; Be the gift you were meant to BE.




5.21.11 -


Pretending has become our number one national pastime, leaving BEING buried under an onslaught of ignorance rooted in fear, guilt, and shame, lost in time sequenced by a deluge of thinking that puts Niagara Falls to shame within our pitiful cultural programming of delusion. The many get off on thinking in boxes so small and tight, void of fresh air, lacking the brightness of inner light, and empty of the warmth of the love, joy, ecstasy, and bliss that is the hallmark of divine presence. And they call this living...and I tell you it is a bunch of fucking shit.


People don't like that word, and you know I could care less. They like to pretend so much that they have created this horror story they pretend is this fucking fairy tale and they have become enamored with this sadomasochistic ideology. Every day is like taking a walk in a prison designed to imprison the many in a vortex of pain and suffering designed to strangle their spirits from expressing their true selves. And their only ambition is to continue to scramble after the carrot dangling from the stick extending over their heads in front of them, never being able to catch hold of it.


I am reminded of the carrot stick from a body work session I had with a DFA practitioner back in 2002. I was laying on my right side on the table, with the practitioner holding onto my left wrist and elbow moving them outward away from my side out over the side of the table in a slow moving arc, moving back and forth repeatedly. I should mention that DFA works with pattern recognition, identifying where we have holding patterns and using subtle movements to release the energy blocks that keep various body areas rigid and stiff, though sometimes one can seem to be soft and pliable, and yet still have holding patterns.


Needless to say, as the movement continued, I found myself getting angry and shared this with the practitioner. I was told to keep talking about it and as my arm continued to be moved about slowly the anger became greater and greater. Suddenly, I had this image arise in my mind's eye, of a carrot dangling over my head. In the vision I kept trying to run after the carrot to get hold of it, but was unable to do so. I could also see a door way thirty feet ahead of me and knew there was something inside to the left that I needed to see. No matter how hard I tried to run, I could not get to that doorway.


I told the practitioner about this vision and was told to keep talking about it, which seemed to infuriate me all the more. As I continued to run towards the carrot, I too also knew the carrot was also about the doorway. In an instant, I was suddenly able to run forward to the door and quickly looked inside to the left and realized there was nothing there. Upon realizing this, I literally broke down and sobbed. While I sobbed this compassionate inner voice said, "Please forgive me. I had to leave for you to survive. Please forgive me." The voice repeated this several times while I sobbed uncontrollably. While this was going on, it was like there were two parts of me. One part was sobbing and another part was observing what was occurring. The observing self understood immediately the carrot was a psychological construct designed to create an illusion of their being something important behind the doorway, which then kept me at a distance from the doorway, with the carrot effect keeping me going. I understood this was created as boy to keep me going amidst all the insanity going on around me at home and in the world at large.


Eventually the sobbing subsided, much like it does in children who become upset, as crying is a modality of healing the divine gave us to bring us back into wholeness and balance. Unfortunately, we have a cultural rule that prevents us from using this mode of healing. The REASON for this ridiculous rule is to ensure we don't get to the doorway to realize the delusions and illusions we have been conditioned to buy into. Using fear, guilt, and shame effectively ensures that we don't go healing ourselves. We have become unemotional robots who avoid feeling anything that might take us close to being intimate with our authentic BEING. It's that simple and oh how we have made this into a fucking nightmare.


When you see small children upset, they cry, and yes there are times they use it as a way to manipulate, but in general, it stems from being forced into the stifling boxes of cultural conformity. Imagine what it is like to be authentic and to be told it is unacceptable. You are forced to NOT BE, to follow the rules of conformity of doing what everyone else is doing. The young are taught to be ashamed of themselves, to feel guilty, as well as to fear to the Nth degree. For the record, the only two fears we are born with are fear of loud noises and of heights. All the rest are culturally learned. Mull that over in your cultural software program!


The ideas that religions have brainwashed the many with are just that; IDEAS; IDEOLOGY. They are rooted in words and thought with no actual direct experience of the divine for each person to have their own direct connection to their divine parents. The many have been sold a version of the Divine made in the image of those humans who are insane and who are addicted to mental masturbation to the Nth degree. The many are ruled by the 3 G's; glamour, gluttony, and greed, which have taken the place of love and compassion as our national pastime. And pain and suffering has become a badge of honor we wear, proving our devotion to NON-BEING.


This is how the many can be deaf, dumb, and blind all in the name of having the acceptance of others.








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