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May 2013



5-02-13 - 

Clouded Leopard Declared Extinct in Taiwan

As long as the profits keep coming like there's no tomorrow, then everything is FINE; Fucked Up; Insecure; Neurotic; Egotistical. The irony of this and the extensive long line of extinct species is indicative of humans insanity, because there is no slowing down occurring, and the blinders are on tighter than before. Beware of Progress; it's a prison of the mind; the mind seeking to avoid its own extinction, which is really what needs to occur to put an end to the pain and suffering that continues on unabated.



Bangladesh building tragedy down to West's cost squeeze:  NGOs

Is this worth the cost of doing business in countries where health and safety standards are scary? It is shameful of any western company that preys off of others for their own profiteering; it's called being a predator, when the lives of of others are treated with indifference. And they say corporations are people, so lock them up, lock up the entire company, freeze their assets to pay for the damage they participate in whether it is willingly or not. To feign ignorance has become the standards of business. I don't know if I find death and injuries to my fellow humans elsewhere in the world a traditional value worth upholding.


I've been shifting gears with my health providers the last month. I dumped my allopathic doctor for a naturopath doctor, dumped my optometrist who tried to force me to wear glasses full-time, when I only needed reading glasses once in a while, dumped my physical therapist who was careless, and about ready to dump my dentist for being ignorant. Your health is your responsibility, and you pay for your benefits to some degree and it's your money, and your benefits, and you have a right to ask questions, disagree, ask for alternatives, and to decline treatments, drugs, advice, etc. Most importantly, you have the right to dump them and find someone who you can have a relationship with without all the authoritative demands, attitudes, and closed mindedness. I've heard countless stories from others who had doctors who expected them to be obedient and compliant. Hmm, sounds like political/religious leaders, corporate leaders, etc, etc, etc. If you can't have an open honest discussion with them, then go find someone else that can.



5-02-13 - 


It is quite obvious that our Supreme Court is corrupt, specifically so since they feign to be ignorant of the fact that corporations are not real people. Since they are unable to tell the difference between a real person and a false one, it is obvious they are not fit to do the job they were chosen to perform and should be removed accordingly for those who can. If they knowingly ignore the difference between a real person and a false one, then the issue is one of honesty and integrity and they should be removed accordingly. In either instance, they should be banned permanently from holding any judicial seat or practicing legal law.



5-11-13 -


In reference to a recent photo posted on Facebook:


All pain and suffering arise in the mind. The mind is not who or what you are, it is like a computer hard drive, where one stores their memories, concepts, cultural beliefs and rules and regulations on identity, personality, self-worth, etc, etc, etc. It is a program, one that was given to each and every one of us in the families we were born into, and the education we received at school, church, work, etc, etc, etc. Humans are so identified with this hard drive content, distracted by the constant repetition of the programs, the little voices in the head that tell you what and what not to do, think , say etc, etc, etc, that they don't hear the silence where the living truth of one's existence is untouched by any of the programmed nonsense. Stop reacting will allow one to begin to notice with awareness grounded in presence in real time rather than a trip back to the past or into the future, which does not exist, nor will it ever exist, except in the mind, that this content is just a program. This is the most difficult thing to become aware of, yet once one realizes how absurdly obvious this is, they begin the process of freeing themselves from the prison of their minds...


I came across this video that was really profound. What a wonderful metaphor for how the divine universe is created in support of every iota of existence and it is humans who in their THINKING, BELIEVE they KNOW better than the divine on how to re-arrange life, specifically when they start getting the IDEA they KNOW how to re-organize genetics, which is portrayed with removing the feather. I'm sure there are more metaphors, but this one stood out bluntly for me about the delicate balance of life.


5-16-13 -

There are quite a few people in the world who believe there is a parallel planet Earth, a hidden planet, and I've had conversations with those who believe this, both young and old. But it is not what one THINKS.

I was contemplating recently and it occurred to me that there is a parallel planet that the many are mostly unaware of. This planet is easily accessible and it is so simple as to be unbelievable. And that is the problem, the many cannot experience it, because they are caught up in their heads believing in another world of make believe, the world that many live in regularly, the world we are taught and conditioned to believe according to the cultural rules of conformity. These two worlds exist simultaneously, one where we live in the mind that is constantly choreographing a make-believe story of how the world should be. When one begins to stop the thinking, begins to unhook from believing, the other world, the real world, begins to come into focus in such clarity as to be stunning and unbelievable, because the real truth is what seems unreal to us does not jive with the stories we have believed for so long as being “the truth,” but it wasn’t and isn’t. It is difficult to see this, to experience this, because each of us has been conditioned to expend great effort to ignore it, to pretend it doesn’t exist, where the many filter out the truth, picking and choosing only those that conform to their chosen ideas of the reality of right and wrong. No wonder they are blind to the realm of heaven on Earth.

Really look at this, contemplate on this,  be open for this to present itself in present time, in the present moment. This essence has always been there and we unknowingly lost touch with it from childhood on, of being taught what the ideas and beliefs of the world should be, rather than being open to embracing what it is in each moment. There is such a mystical, magical, creative experience unfolding as effortlessly as the Sun shining, the waves washing ashore, breathing in the air, feeling the wind blow across your skin and all of it disappears the more we get caught up in thinking and believing till it is no more; mind wipe. One can intellectualize this, but the more you let go into being present, the more this eternal expansive experience presents itself. This world has been presenting itself more and more, especially since Spring growth has kicked into high gear. I was walking to the store and its presence was so overwhelmingly immense, full of a living beauty beyond comprehension, where the mind cannot understand, where one begins to experience the fullness of living divinity in all things; the oneness unknowable.

Unknowable is not empty, it is a flowing experience unadulterated without the ongoing dialogue of words on what the chained, trained, conditioned, imprisoned mind believes; this is the prison. Unknowable is BEING present to what is, to step out of the limitations of thinking, imagining, and believing that you know. There is no mystery, no allowing, no wondering, no being in touch with the living, no curiosity, no inquisitiveness, no awe; in actuality, the mind is not real, it is not alive, it is and has been dead; always; in all ways. The mind is merely a repository of memories and as such it is all past oriented, rooted in concepts learned, memorized, chanted patterns of conformity. In order for this mind based reality to exist, it requires ongoing conceptualizing, analyzing, evaluating, judging, seeking to clarify an orderly uniform, precise, controlled, predictable understanding of life; unfortunately this reality is an artificial environment, hence the term prison, straightjacket, etc, etc, etc.

This dominating perseverance of thinking guarantees nothing but pain and suffering because of the lack of present awareness which derives from resisting and judging what is. What is cannot be changed in each moment. What needs to occur is awareness of the root of the judgment which gives rise to the resistance. This is not to say we do nothing at all, yet at times doing nothing is exactly what is needed and at other times doing is required. But neither is done to eradicate pain and suffering, it is done in response to the whole truth, and sometimes that means doing things that are not pleasant, comfortable, or easy. Being dysfunctional or functional tends to see out outcomes that are flowery, sweet, wonderful, or rewarding in money, things or acceptance. Being aware requires being in accord, in harmony with the whole truth in all ways and is not in it for the rewards.

The only thing doing the resisting is the mind thinking along the limitations of its imaginary ideas of what life should be. One only need reflect on past histories of the various world cultures and of the current ongoing dysfunction in the world to see how absurd and insane those imaginary ideas and beliefs are in their destructive abilities.

The more one pays attention, the more one realizes there is more to life than we imagined, more to life than we were taught. At some point if one is lucky enough to escape the death trap called thinking, one cracks open the door of what was forgotten, what was not acceptable, what was judged, what was denied, what was threatening. At some point, one begins to realize what was threatening was not the whole truth, but the reactions of the adults around us as children and then as adults seeking to enforce their own insanity. While this may seem ridiculous, I can assure you that there is a light on the other side of the prison walls; it's called awareness.

Awareness just is, it is the ongoing process of being present without judgment, being with what unfolds to such a degree of clarity that it disintegrates the structures of belief, melts the chains of conformity, and pierces the dark, clammy, grimy, decaying thoughts clogging one's ability to be present. This is what this poem Music At The Stairs is about.  We are not the sum total of what we know. In fact, what we know about who and what we are is so miniscule as to be completely revealed as meaningless and worthless once the door is cracked open, especially so when one opens the door fully and peers around. What is dumbfounding is the realization that the door was never locked.

On the other side of that door is the whole truth, the truth that lives; not the truth that is memorized. The side of the closed door we have been living on is the idea side, the memory side, the judged side, the entire sum total of past cultural dysfunction believed as the whole truth; the fantasized version of reality; the life of fear rather than the life of pi! Walking through the door one begins to realize how much of a nightmare living in the head is, how limiting and unfulfilling concepts and material things are. They have their place, but they don't compare to the whole truth of BEING.

One cannot BE in the world and be aware of it without concepts, that as children we needed to learn how to conceptualize, and had we been allowed to retain our awareness, each of us would have unfolded into complete realization of our divinity. When I say complete, I don't mean a finite end, but a realization we are creation itself unfolding, growing, transforming, learning without judgment, without fear, without limitations. Our completeness is that state of awareness that we are whole and have everything we need within our BEING.

The world is our reflection, is our divinity mirrored back to us, reflected to us, of us. Our inner nature is our outer nature showing us the state of our inner nature. The world you see in a state of disarray, conflict, destruction, is the sum total of our own fractionation, disconnection, discombobulation, our disintegration. At some point, one's awareness opens to see beyond that dysfunction to realize the wholeness is there within and it has remained untouched and impervious to any thought, idea, or belief because it is beyond concepts, beyond thinking, all of which are nothing more than a memorized limited past. Being is the whole ocean, where as the mind is like an ice berg thinking itself into existence, frightened of melting away into what it has always been in the first place.

The irony that reveals itself is our existence is still there, but it is not defined by our thoughts, beliefs, or our physical body. One begins to open up and embrace the realization that we are wholeness, that we are every aspect of this world and beyond. One realizes this, experiences this, not as thoughts or ideas, but through direct awareness and one can only realize this on their own. No book, degree, legal law, clergy, philosophy, or teacher is required to realize this. Perhaps those things/people can trigger your awareness, but they are not the whole truth of direct awareness of what is.

As Paul Williams stated in his book Das Energi:

"Let go of the old world and the new one will grow around you like a new skin. (shedding the old skin is the act of revolution). ((Revolution is a personal matter. You create the world; YOU must change it.)) (((Do it.)))

Repeat when necessary. We never outgrow our need for change."

Growing up is to wake up, is to become intimate with the truth of your Being. In that experiential process of being the whole truth, one returns to the original state of blessing that was our existence in the beginning at birth, (Our existence never disappeared; we just focused our attention away from it). By blessing I do not mean only those things that are acceptable to yourself or others, but in embracing the potential of all aspects of Being. Creation and destruction are both One in the same and it is not beneficial to judge destruction, but to realize all that each of us is capable of doing/being to ourselves or others and that is as good as it gets. All of us have the potential to do all the atrocious things that others have done, do, and will do out of unawareness; all it takes is one moment of unawareness to do rather than Be. 

Integration is embracing all of these attributes, these archetypal aspects, which aligns them in a harmonious balance of essence. Opening Pandora's Box, is to open to the whole truth of what we have collectively denied, repressed, avoided, judged. When the whole truth comes out, you realize just how insane all of that was and that much of what was judged was not understood with complete awareness. Stepping out of this box, out of insanity is to open up to the revelation of divine presence in all form and to become aware of the formless that has its own structure that is sensed on many levels

This is what true freedom is, to be free to listen and follow this inner flow of creation/awareness engaging the world from an unknowable source. The mind thinks this is absurd, but the irony of that mental response is it cannot ever know this existence, because it is just collective memories performing conditioned responses. To believe that God or Divinity or the Universe or Creation limits itself to human ideas and beliefs is only the mind pretending to be that which it cannot ever BE. Within Being is stillness, calmness, awareness, completeness, arising from non-judgment and acceptance. These attributes cannot be known, they are experienced to such a degree as to put an end to the ridiculous stories that have been believed for far, far, far to long. And they are just that; stories, fairy tales, fantasies, delusions, imagined fears, that have no basis other than a creation in the mind of some imagined past or future.

Imagine a world void of awareness. Now open your eyes and look at the world as it currently is and there is that very world void of awareness. Everything changes instantly the moment you realize the whole truth. Even a small truth will create change. And this is what I am alluding to when I say another world exists; the world of truth, the world of awareness. Insanity cannot touch sanity because by its very nature because unawareness cannot intrude upon awareness. Form itself cannot fathom formlessness, only awareness can do that

The only thing that stands in your way of experiencing this other world is thinking you know the truth. In truth, you don't know anything at all and that is the limitations that prevent your awareness from BEING realized. All the pain and suffering that is occurring in the world, all the need to dominate, control, the violence, the wars, the greed, disease, health issues are an attempt to maintain the paradigm of living in the head, of living out the same old stories of dysfunction and limitations. Just look at the stories, as they are all basically the same one's dressed up to appear different. 

The stories are all a distraction from the whole truth. These stories are just like going to the movies, while you sit there totally enthralled in the movie as if it is real; reacting to the characters and situations and plot. When the movie is over, you get up and walk out of the theater and get on with your life. The problem with humanity is they are caught up in a collective story/plot/movie that seems to be real, yet the minute awareness begins to arise, one starts to wake up to the realization that it was/is just an imaginary delusion of vast proportions.

Imagine that!

The many are on a merry-go-round going in circles doing the same damn thing over and over and over, like a broken record stuck in a groove due to a scratch. We have this itch that needs to be scratched, and the mind cannot scratch the itch, because it is the cause of the itch. The mind thinks it can by thinking and thinking and thinking; round and round it goes, where it stops, nobody KNOWS. As long as it continues on and on, thinking creates the friction which gives rise to an endless itch. The itch will remain as long as one continues to THINK they BELIEVE they KNOW the truth.


On Relationships:

People take because they don't realize what they have; not in the other, but in themselves. This longing for the other, the wanting, the needing, in reality is driven unconsciously from being unaware of their own needing, wanting, longing to be complete within themselves, with that which has been disowned and avoided within due to external pressures. This craving if you will, this outer drive to connect with others for completion, can never be accomplished, because the other half of self is not the other, but in fact BEING. The two is the one; completion, the yin and yang, the alpha and the omega, the feminine and the masculine with this last metaphor having nothing to do whatsoever with one's ideas or beliefs about one's gender. Being and Self are in fact not separate at all, just as we are not separate from the world or the Universe, because they in fact are aspects of our BEING.

When this marriage between Self and Being is unified, wholeness and completeness reign. This is really what marriage is about, with the external marriage being incapable of fulfilling the inner unification. It is this mental separation believed to be true that creates insanity, it is a splitting away from the truth of BEING; the truth of wholeness; the truth of completeness; the living truth of what we are, which is the existence of the essence of love itself. To realize this, to BE in touch with this truth is the only authentic satisfaction for the unquenchable thirst of living in the head. There is no other way, thing, person, degree, position, belief that will satiate. One cannot substitute an artificial ingredient for the real essence.

Wanting or desiring the other is about taking. Acceptance doesn't need anything because it already has and is everything. Nothing that anyone has can ever take the place of what one already is in BEING.

The dysfunction we live in, that we are raised in, causes a separation away from BEING, like a rubber band being stretched further and further away. One can move away from BEING exponentially their whole life, but the tension that is created requires a monumental effort to achieve and maintain. This act is a destructive one, because it denies the whole truth for a lie and it is not sustainable, hence the rise of pain and suffering. There are two ways to release this tension; waking up (mental death) or physical death.

Letting go is the act of complete acceptance of BEING, of yourself. This acceptance is completely effortless, requiring nothing whatsoever on your part. This is the beauty of being present, that one is in complete acceptance of their existence, realizing they need nothing, because they are everything. Imagine not having to think about everything all the time, because you already have awareness of what is required in any given moment. This is deemed absurd by the mind only because it seeks artificial substance to satisfy its addiction of avoiding the truth.

If you have no harmonious relationship with your BEING, then you will never have a real authentic relationship with anyone else. How could that possibly occur when you are at war with your own BEING, because that is what the mind is creating, arguing with, resisting, denying completeness. Ultimately, society's revulsion with homosexuality is rooted in the aversion to accepting one's own self. We are encouraged, in fact forced in many ways to abdicate self-love for loving the other as our salvation, but that is a fairy tale that guarantees inner separation. Ultimately, attraction is to whatever we are unaware of in ourselves, and that which we are averse to in others is what we are averse to in our own BEING. Taken to another level is the realization that gender is contrived, it is a cultural construct that denies the full spectrum of sexuality and body form, because there are many who are intersexed, who defy the mental constructs of male and female forms.

The irony of this self hatred, this self-loathing, this self-judging, this fear, is that there is no awareness of these; they are completely buried, denied, locked away in mental chains imprisoned in obedience to the rules. In essence, one abdicates BEING to allowing others to control and dominate them; the power of thinking. While it may seem to be all powerful, in truth it is a complete sham, derived only from believing in lies as if your life depended on it, which is predicated by the fear of death, which arises from not realizing or being aware that you are an eternal BEING. Until you abandon your false relationships with the world, more specifically, abandon your relationship to the ongoing mental thinking of knowing and believing, you will abdicate wholeness and completeness for a life of pain and suffering.

Not being able to sit in silence (relationship, to relate), with yourself and do nothing is a good indicator to the extent of how much mental thinking processes control and dominate your existence. For some, five minutes is impossible to perform and the rest have no conscious awareness to even consider observing the mind. The good news is the thinking is not who or what you are at all. This is a good starting point, to contemplate on this problem of silence avoidance, self avoidance, and to become aware of what arises in your mind as one goes through their daily activities. Keeping busy arises from this very issue of avoidance of silence.



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