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October 2011



10.07.11 -


In recent headlines, the news of quite a few major banks instituting $5 monthly fees, has brought a grunt of disproval. As usual, upper management sees nothing wrong with their plan. Why would those who gain to profit from this view it as wrong? Greed has no boundaries, has no conscience, cares little for what consumers think. Ahhh! There's that interesting word again; THINK. Consider all those major bank stockholders who profit from your unconsciousness. Most people have no awareness of the other charges they are assessed for "convenience." Effective marketing, advertising, and customer service have woven an illusion of convenience at your expense.


Here is a recent article on credit unions relating to Bank of America's recent announcement for debit card fees. 


I made the switch to a credit union a year or two before the banking fiasco decimated the economy and the way of life for many. Shortly after the banking collapse, the president of the credit union sent a letter out to all the members. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that credit unions don't play risky games with their clients money for profiteering. Credit unions are not for profit institutions that are member owned, and their rates are often lower than major banks.


I don't pay debit card fees, nor am I charged checking account fees. Checking is often free if you sign up for direct deposit. Some require on-line banking for free checking. Some give you interest on your checking account balance. There are differences in credit unions and it is important to shop around and educate yourself about what your priorities are. For instance, you might want to consider how many offices they have, hours of operation, and the convenience of in person banking. The other nice option is you can use any other credit union to do your banking transactions. I also enjoy not supporting predatory organizations of people who have no respect for others or themselves. 


CO-OP Network member credit unions are able to provide their membership with more than 28,000 surcharge-free ATMs and more than 3,000 shared branches nationwide. Locators


Suzy Orman on finding an appropriate credit union:


"Go to and look for one that is part of the federal insurance program run by the National Credit Union Administration (go to and click on Consumer Share Insurance Information and Tool Kit to check). Coverage is the same as at an FDIC bank—$250,000 per person per credit union is fully insured, and additional coverage is based on the types of accounts you hold." 

Suzy has some great advice on Managing Debt. Many were raised in families who didn't teach them how to be financially responsible, so learn how to balance your checking account and budget your money. Materialism has infected the many with the idea that their self-worth is tied to money. In actuality, your indebtedness is indicative of your lack of understanding about financial accountability and authentic accountability.

Consumers can find ethical and fair Credit Union credit cards at




10.08.11 -


This is a great video - Deepak Chopra meditation at Occupy Wall St. Grounded TV Network, video 1


Deepak speaks eloquently about how to go about making authentic change, to move beyond the fear and greed of what is being created and has been.



I found this interesting website of Theo Jansen's STRANDBEEST



PeaceWeek 2011 - A Free Media Library for Building a Culture of Peace




10.30.11 -


Some thoughts that arose while contemplating on how superficial people are in dysfunction mode:

Superficiality is the idea of authenticity being diligently acted out according to judgments. Act One, Scene 1...

What do you choose: piece of mind or peace of mind? Piece of mind is selective reasoning of right and wrong and judgments. Peace of mind is the lack of reasoning and judgments. The many prefer selective pieces to conform to an idea of peace. Those who become peace have no need or reason for conforming. Conforming to pieces leaves one only crumbs. Why settle for crumbs when you can have the whole peace.

Ignoring the other for whatever your judgments might be is indicative of your own ignorance of that within your own self.

Superficiality is like a straight jacket woven of judgments rooted in fear. Those who weave appearances of love are merely presenting "holey" garments eaten away by moths, revealing the lack of holiness.


I found this quote on-line that is very thought provoking relating to gender stereotyping:

“Girls can wear jeans and cut their hair short and wear shirts and boots because it’s okay to be a boy; for girls it’s like promotion. But for a boy to look like a girl is degrading, according to you, because secretly you believe that being a girl is degrading.” - Quote from the movie and book, "The Cement Garden"


A recent news article:

Next layer of air security: Chat-downs on top of pat-downs? The TSA is trying face-to-face questioning of fliers, in addition to customary screenings, to try to avert terrorism in the skies.

Psychological profiling and questioning are now going to be the norm for flying? Personally it's none of their business who you're visiting and how long you are going to be there. What will they do, keep a log of who you visit, insisting on names and phone numbers? Oops, forgot, they are already have access to that courtesy of the phone and internet companies without warrants. You are definitely guilty before considered not guilty. And what will the next rounds of questions entail: did you agree on FaceBook with someone who didn't agree with the political norms or the corporate norms? Or did you support some activist group opposing what corporate government wants? Your rights are being slowly eroded and altered people. Please be aware that you will notice they don't alter the actual Constitution and Bill of Rights because they can't. But they can and do enact these other bogus laws feigning they have the right to over-rule what truly cannot be over-ruled. Time to wake up people! Get involved or de-evolve.



10.31.11 -


Why do people go out and put on masks for Halloween, when they are already wearing one? 

Everything that is not love is going to be a distortion. How can it not be, when one is living a lie, a facade, a mask. The distortion arises from self-judgments, self-loathing, and self-hatred.



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