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October 2013




10-03-13 -


Freedom is not a word or an idea or a belief. It’s an awareness born of presence, free of the imprisonment of the mental limitations of the mind.


Love is freedom, the only true freedom born of the Oneness of divine spirit, and the heart, the center of the now of infinite eternal grace everlasting; untouched, untarnished by any person, place, or thing.


Love can only be touched by love; Freedom is an infinite act of surrendering, touching, being present with the eternal living truth of love.


True freedom is to be love, our essence, our divinity, our truth, and to realize that inner infinite eternal ocean without shores is what we have always been and always will BE.



10-06-13 -


"Draw a sacred circle around your recovery. Give yourself the gift of faith. Trust that you are on the right track. You are."

          - Julia Cameron


More than a circle, create a sphere around you and expand it out into the eternal nature of the infinite divine universe. The only way one can ever be separate from this is to believe it to be so. Stop thinking so much and the obvious presents itself. Fear is its name, and it is the act of avoiding the truth in favor of that which is not true.


In each moment of resistance towards the truth, a mental barrier is created in the mind in believing a fantasy story that supports what one wants rather than what is. It doesn't matter what causes the story, or what is good or bad about the situation causing the story to be created, only that the truth be upheld in order to stay grounded in true reality, in the whole truth, in what is, because in each moment is the opportunity to BE with your authentic self.


The truth as to why the many tell themselves stories is rooted in their being taught and trained to listened to others deluded stories about their self-worth, self-love, self-respect; no one, I repeat, no one can tell you what your self-love, self-worth, and self-respect is, because these are your essence; untainted, untarnished by beliefs or ideas, it is what is before identity or identifying or conceptualizing or judging.


Your self-love is your connection to the love of the universe; your creation, your divinity, your authenticity.


Stories take one away from their divinity, their love, their connection to spirit if they are believed above your own authentic love, worth, respect. Anyone who tells you what that should be and who demands that you obey their stories is living in a fantasy world of their own making and believing and are too frightened, which is the essence of stories, to be aware of the stories and be the awareness that is their own true nature that exists whether the stories are rambling or not.


Be a light unto yourself...



Just finished watching Happy Feet Two. What an awesome movie, as was the first one. What really moved me was Erik's opera. The words resonate with the current state of affairs in the world and our leaders, who give a solemn promise to uphold democracy when they are sworn into office, and it's just a pretty lie as the song's words allude to. Here we are in the year 2013 and we have so called democratic leaders holding OUR government hostage for their own self-serving beliefs, BELIEVING they have the right to hold everyone hostage to their closed mindedness, while having their hand in the cookie jar for all they can get for free, while everyone else gets crumbs depending on what wrung of the ladder you relegated to in the land of make believe.

We were all taught to be honest as children and it has become more and more obvious to me over the decades that those who lead are anything but honest. We are a nation amongst other nations who have no idea what truth is because it cannot be found in the head of fantasy and make believe. Democracy is not going to happen living in the mind of fantasy and make believe. There isn't one right way, there are many ways, just as in nature there are many differences amongst the elements, plants, animals, and we humans are indeed animals. it's time to wake up.

After all you have done, you really deserved better.

Nothing makes sense in this world. It's all a big pile of crazy.


And the kings are all fools. Where is the honor?

When a solemn promise is just a pretty lie...

...and the mighty mock the courage of the humble.

Although he's just an ordinary penguin.


My daddy taught me.

You don't need to be colossal, to be a great heart.


You don't need to fly, to be awesome.

My hero, my father!



I also watched Happy Feet One, and what a wonderful movie, so full of truths about the world and all the dysfunction that goes along with believing. You have to watch the movies to really appreciate the way they present peer pressure and other cultures, and the way denial works, and the willingness to be your own light even when it seems hopeless. What each person needs to hear whether young or old in this crazy world we live in is this:




If you are not harming anyone being true to yourself, then the other has a problem; it's called self-hatred and self-loathing. If someone wants to love someone of the same sex and another doesn't like it, that's their problem, their own self-hatred and self loathing. The same goes for those who are intersexed or transgendered. There are no gender specifics to any job to include being the president of the USA or a priest in the Catholic Church or in sports or whatever. Prejudice is merely another form of fear, the same fear behind any ideology against love.


There are too many people who are caught up in self-hatred and self-loathing passing judgments on everyone else because they are blind to their own authentic nature; blinded by fear, because love has no need of fantasy or make believe, because it is always the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The sooner the fearful wake up out of their own imprisonment stories of limitations, the sooner democracy can spread, waking up the masses out of the prisons of domination and obedience.


The idea of self-hatred and self-loathing arise from rejection of the truth. And again I say, there is nothing wrong with who and what you are in authentic being. We are the only species that argues with itself, argues with others over what the truth is. This may seem ridiculous to some, but the more one clears out the cobwebs created by the stories that subdue their ability to see the truth, the more one is able to be aware that all life is alive and sentient and one whole Being which each of us is a living extension of.



10-07-13 -

“A tulip doesn’t struggle to be different than a rose. It is different. There’s room in the garden for every flower."

          - Marianne Williamson


10-09-13 -


I had quite the revelatory experience this afternoon. I was approaching the stairwell door to go down to the ground level floor at the hospital where I work, when a woman my age approached the door and entered before me. She held open the door as I approached just behind her. I said “thank you” and she said “you’re welcome.” This was a pleasant warm exchange, and we continued on with her going up the stairwell and I going down the stairwell.

The whole event played itself out in my mind’s eye while walking down the stairwell and it occurred to me what life would be like if everyone was that way all the time with the other in life. I wondered how long a society would last before people got annoyed, abrupt, rude, not caring, ignoring the other, getting irate with another, having words with the other instead of kindness, respect, and love.

I saw this expand out to the world and all of our current problems; the fighting, stealing, greed, killing, violence, coldness, indifference, aggression, war, torture, dishonesty, disease, polluting, destruction, dysfunction. And the truth dawned on me that cancer cells are the same way, fighting against others like itself, cells against cells. Only we humans, fight against other humans in an infinite number of ways that on the surface seems quite justified, but in reality is insane.

And it dawned on me that humans are the cause of cancer, our thinking, our judging, believing in fear, guilt, and shame, creating suffering and pain within our own selves and then spilling it out onto others, with the first always leading to the second; our collective fear is our self-loathing, self-hatred, and this fear is the root of this cancerous growth. The many are in a fight to the death against their authentic self, authentic being, a fight against the whole truth, a denial of what is. 

Upon realizing this in an instant, I experienced this opening, a release, a letting go, felt it, realized it with such amazement at how so simple that truth is. And then it was like time resumed again and I walked out the stairwell door to the ground floor and headed back to where I work at the hospital, where we treat people with brain cancer in the Gamma Knife Center, using Gamma Rays to radiate and kill cancerous tumors. The irony of that is not lost on me.


10-11-13 -


Just finished watching the movie "After Earth" again, such a profound movie in teaching about fear with such a depth that it occurs to me most won't even recognize it other than just another intellectual idea to imagine about and create a story about, all the while unaware of how their mind continues to fantasize what that means, based on what it knows, what it's programs are in their severely limiting fantasy contexts, because that is all it can do, it cannot BE the experience, because BEING is not a program, is not a belief, is not an idea, nor can it truly be understood from knowing what you currently know, which are the blinders, the prison walls that lock one in solitary confinement of separation from the experiential interactions with living truth itself.


Have you ever had a dream that seemed so absolutely real without a doubt, and suddenly started to fade away into confusion as you realized you were waking up and it was all just a dream. Five or more minutes may have had to go by as you shook off the dream. I had one such dream, and in that dream I had hijacked a transit bus. I drove that bus all over the city and then it was time to park the bus on a side street so no one could find it. I woke up from that dream and was utterly convinced that I'd stolen the bus and would get in trouble for it. It took me about five minutes to finally realize it was all a dream; a fantasy.


Waking up from the imaginary world of beliefs is the same thing. Living in the head is exactly like a dream that seems real, but it is just your mind creating an imaginary story exactly like a movie based upon your beliefs. Your beliefs are the producer, director, crew, and actors, and you are completely enthralled in the production of this fantasy; it is no different than when one day dreams, or fantasizes; it's the same thing. The whole process is meant to be an escape from the truth, because the truth is always PRESENT. One realizes the living truth by being PRESENT with TRUTH in TRUTH. In order to deny the truth, a fantasy make BELIEVE world needs to be created in order to close off awareness of the truth.


It's in the same league as believing in Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy. We all believed until at some point something didn't jive and we realized the truth. Think about it; who taught you those false beliefs? Who else reinforced them? The whole culture enforced this, just like it enforces every other belief that covers human existence as we KNOW IT.


"If everybody lives roughly the same lies about the same things, there is no one to call 

them liars: they jointly establish their own sanity and call themselves normal." 

- Ernest Becker quote from the book Playing By Heart - By O. Fred Donaldson


10-12-13 -

Albert Einstein on God

“We are in the position of a little child entering a huge library filled with books in many different languages. The child knows someone must have written those books. It does not know how. It does not understand the languages in which they are written. The child dimly suspects a mysterious order in the arrangement of the books but doesn't know what it is. That, it seems to me, is the attitude of even the most intelligent human being toward God. We see a universe marvelously arranged and obeying certain laws, but only dimly understand these laws. Our limited minds cannot grasp the mysterious force that moves the constellations.”


Gut Instincts You Shouldn't Ignore


"The quirky urge. A funny tingle. That little voice in your head. These are your gut feelings

talking. But what are they telling you, and should you listen? Here's how to make the most of 

your own innate wisdom."


We are infinitely more vast, present, and aware within our instinctual-intuitive side rather

than our thinking side. Intuition is the domain of life, awareness, presence, existence, God,

Shakti/Shiva, Goddess, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad, Godhead, Being, freedom, peace, joy,

truth, beauty, wonder, all one in the same. The two quotes from the article below are the basis of being awake with life; as life:

"...Of all the reasons to use your gut instincts to make big decisions, this may be the best: It leads to the choices that are most fully satisfying — decisions that can improve the quality of your life.

“It allows you to find relationships that resonate for you, instead of what looks good on paper,” Orloff says. “It allows you to connect with people on a heart level, it allows you to deeply experience life instead of just letting it wash over you, and it allows you to be really smart about how you make your decisions."


The focus here is life, to be in life fully and tuned into the rhythms and beats of existence for your guidance, because it is your guidance; not sterile, stank, old, memorized, memorialized. You are the sons and daughters, the off spring, the extension, the expression, the creation of life itself in form.

I don't see a problem here at all, nor does life itself, in realizing this truth about existence, because existence is truth; the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Yet Church and State, or rather those who live in the make believe fantasy story in their heads, would have you believe that they alone know the truth and if you don't listen to their truth, you are eternally damned.

Let me be clear about the truth regarding the word eternal; eternal is a future perspective, it does not exist and cannot exist unless you believe to be so. So, the gig is up about this eternal damnation nonsense. Eternal is being period, being present to the truth of life, realizing that you are also life. You have access to life itself if you let go of thinking and knowing in order to allow the wonder of unrealized awareness to arise, and to ultimately realize the "Ocean Without Shores" is the source of our existence in body, mind, spirit; ONENESS.

Life is about being on the surface of the ocean and not submerged, sitting on the bottom lost in thinking and knowing. On the surface, you see the way with authentic inner guidance minus any stories, and are able to orient to the light and follow the wind on your adventure to your heart's destination. And it should be noted that what your mind wants and what your heart IS, are to vastly different directions; stories versus real life. One is lacking, the other complete.

Quality of life is not based on money, looks, popularity, or importance, it's about being truthful with yourself and living that truth without fear, shame, guilt, judgment in the world with others. We are never unworthy just because others cannot accept their own authentic true selves. To do so is the basis of all pain and suffering in the world. You are who and what you are as the authentic existence creation, and all the babbling, story telling, make-believe fantasy tales is occurring in order to live a lie and not be truthful and aware about your authentic existence.

The only people who care whether you are authentic are those who are already unauthentic!? Why would anyone seek the approval of the very people who don't authentically exist? There's no common sense or rationale for this illogical justification. They are not real anymore than you are the moment you enter the creation of fantasy trips in your mind; in your imagination. Why would anyone do that rather than live an authentic life? This is the cause and effect of believing what one is taught without questioning all of the stories content.

Those who weave fantasy stories of death, punishment, guilt, shame, and fear, who tell you of a punishing, jealous, vindictive, spiteful, vengeful, damnation are creating stories of their own imprisonment in the world of the known where the unknown has been banished from sheer resistance, avoidance, and ignorance (to-ignore). Understand that truth and lies cannot exist simultaneously. Knowing and thinking are a turning away from the truth in alignment with beliefs that support the lies; the known. And it is important to realize that lies are merely not the truth; it's that simple, but the most challenging realization to experience.

Your truth is not your identity and has no interest in what others think. We seek this because of our own stories that are woven from what others think about us and our truth. If we listen to their judgments, then we IDENTIFY with the others lies and limitations. Doing this aligns one with the others life perspective rather than their own unique authentic perspective.

Each moment is a life or death situation of being with the truth or avoiding it. One devalues themselves by ignoring the whole truth in favor of others. Being truthful to yourself is about being true to your authentic existence and it is not something you do, it's what you are that is the heart of the matter. And devaluation is just like it is in the real world, where currency is devalued, meaning to say it worth less, and isn't that what we do when we believe others stories about who and what we are in BEING?

There is no possibility of devaluing actual truth, because the truth cannot be devalued; ever and the truth is always eternal. Devaluation is a belief in fantasy. People devalue in others what they devalue in themselves; that judgment is the sole source of motivation in devaluing.

Think about this and then make the leap into realizing this. We are hardwired for truth, because we are truth, therefore each person has the whole truth within their own selves. This is not negotiable because truth does not negotiate with any person, place or thing because it is beyond the limitations of these, because it already is the truth

I'm reminded of the bumper sticker, "Question Authority," and it is symbolic of questioning the authority of being invested in others limiting stories and how you manage to abandon your connection to the whole truth for others fairy or horror tales. In reality, living in the head is all pain and suffering, because the stories require one to act dishonestly, to go against one's own awareness in truth.

There is nothing wrong with who and what you are in Being...


10-16-13 -

The past, whether that be something from childhood, family, high school, friends, work, college, military, relationships or situations, some idea or belief or judgment that caused fear, shame, guilt, pain or suffering, was perfect as it was in those moments doing the best one was able to do. Do not judge the past, it was what it was, no regrets necessary for doing what one was able to do with the awareness they had then with the limitations rooted in what one KNEW. Realize awareness is not knowing and in the past, one was not able to be in awareness for numerable reasons, one of which is due to the incapacity of human beings to be authentically connected to truth, especially in a world where the truth is taught as blasphemy.

Now, you do the best you can with the awareness you have now. As you gain more awareness, you gain insight to a more authentic way to free yourself from limiting, unauthentic patterns of beliefs that shut out the truth, love, joy, peace, acceptance inherent in now, because these are living tangible truths; the intelligence of truth. In this truth, spirituality, creativity, and sexuality are one in the same thing; the whole truth. The words we conceptual the living truth to be seem to be separate, because they imply differences and hence separation. But, truth is not separated by our ideas of what truth is; that is merely a head game, a delusion, a mirage, a imaginary fantasy of land.

One cannot separate an arm or hand or leg or foot or head from the body. In the same way, Spirituality, creativity, and sexuality are not separate, cannot ever be separated, and function as one unified whole. Accepting the this truth clears out the fear, guilt, shame, judgment, and disappointment that has blocked your true self from radiating absolutely from the love and compassion that is your existence and has always been so. To believe otherwise is to step out of the truth and live in the imaginary world of BELIEF.

Do not be concerned with what others think about you, because they are prisoners of their own mental patterns of BELIEF seeking to imprison others because misery likes company; pain and suffering likes company to validate their choice to loathe and hate themselves, to judge in themselves what others have judged in them, hence the REASON to judge it in others in order to maintain the repetitive nonsense of insanity generation after generation, in order to fear LOVE, because that's their sole motivation to avoid the truth.

The whole truth will set you free and the problem is the mind thinking it needs to know the truth before it will let go; or at least the mind thinks of it that way; must think of it that way for separation to be believed. In truth, the mind cannot KNOW truth, it is not something one knows, it is something one is, and one experiences this truth without needing to KNOW, because you cannot know what you don't know at present; that's why it is unknowable. The past can give one only an idea of what the future will be and that is about all it is; an imaginary idea.

To let go into the unknown allows one to experience that which is unknown and that is the freedom of not knowing. The freedom of not knowing is what PRESENTS the truth if you let it. BEING curious and inquisitive is the ticket out of insanity, of imprisonment, of belief, of fear, of guilt, of shame, of judging. What one THINKS is normal is nothing more than a set of patterned beliefs that one has been conditioned to fixate on with determination, motivation and concentration to such a degree that the whole truth disappears; this is the power of belief. Not that it has the power to do anything to the truth, just to avoid it through cultural amnesia. Each pretends it doesn't exist by believing in a fictitious story; fixation to the story is an addictive element. Doing this exiles one to a fantasy world of make believe.

Thinking is the amnesia, because it works as a cover up, a distraction, an avoidance, just like one avoids doing a chore or taking the responsibility to do something, procrastinating and putting it off in some distant future time zone; call it fantasy land that isn't the truth. The choice comes down to avoiding or not avoiding the truth. If one continues to avoid the truth, then they are guaranteed nothing because one has nothing in believing because it is fantasy pure and simple. On the contrary, in embracing the truth, one realizes what is the truth and what is fantasy, as well as an end to the vast majority of pain and suffering.

This is what true freedom. No truth is no freedom, no love, no peace, no joy. Ironically, the many choose not to do anything but hold onto what they KNOW and then can't figure out why they are not at peace with themselves, others, and the world as it is; that's the trap of thinking you know:

“Letting go gives us freedom, and freedom is the only condition for happiness. If, in our heart, we still cling to anything - anger, anxiety, or possessions - we cannot be free.”

          - Thích Nhất Hạnh


Letting go of the known, of knowing, of thinking, opens up one to a vastness that seems to be frightening, but in reality that is just the mind creating stories to pull one back into fantasy land, and the mind creates fear as a motivator to force one back into imprisonment. Fear is the border guard, the prison guard, the sado-masochistic master hell bent on controlling and dominating where your attention goes. Once one realizes this game, it gets easier to let go of the nonsense and face reality as it is untainted and untarnished.


It is challenging, but it is not impossible, and the rewards are priceless beyond beliefs that state otherwise. There is no hell, no punishment, no angry or vengeful God, just a lot of delusional beliefs created to imprison one in a limited functioning mind/prison. In truth, Divinity has no walls, no bars, no keys, no guards, no judges, no police, no authoritarian task master to impose rules and will upon. The only obedience is to obey the whole truth, to be in the truth, because the truth is what we are. There are no right and wrong, good and bad, as it is all subject to the whims of insanity, of living in the mind.


To believe someone else is to abandon your own direct connection to the divine. The truth is not a book, a pope, a politician, a teacher, a parent, or anything else. Truth exists everywhere simultaneously and is not beholden to Church, State, Corporate, or the rich. The truth is not interested in your bank account, what neighborhood you live in, what kind of car you own, your job title, or your prestigious strategies of delusions. Oneness, the Divineness has no need of any of that because it is the truth, with no need to judge, deny, argue, avoid, or delude itself to a fantasy. Only humans do that in their minds, their conditioning, their believing in the ideas that separate them from the whole truth.


Humans are habituated with thinking and they make the erroneous mistake, an error in judgment if you will, of thinking that their thoughts are the truth; not so. If one takes the time to become curious and inquisitive and explore their inner space, their mindscape of you will and its content, then one begins the melting the icebergs frozen in 0 degree Kelvin if you will. The real truth is awareness cannot be frozen; ever. The only thing that gets frozen is the traumatization caused by thinking in order to avoid full reality.


Seriously, one really needs to contemplate on the language we use, the words and the concepts and how they program one to perceive things in such a way and each language is uniquely different in how it perceives reality, with ultimately all of them a sort of delusionment because they are based on ideas of what truth is; always twice removed from true reality. The whole truth sets one free to see reality beyond anything one could imagine and isn't that the whole point of truth of reality as it is rather than what one wants it to be to feel safe and secure? But this idea of safety and security is a fantasy that causes a great deal of pain and suffering from believing in an imaginary dysfunctional viewpoint rather than the functional version of BEING AWARENESS.


There is this belief that is almost impossible to do and I'm here to tell you it is possible because it is what we are in the depths of our BEING. Don't take my word for it and don't allow your programmed conditioned mind of beliefs dissuade you from exploring the truth for yourself. If people spent the same amount of time and effort they put into accruing all that pain and suffering and fear and what they know into exploring what they don't know, the would realize the truth has always been right there in them and around them, because truth is the substance of reality period.


Seek and ye shall find, and in the same logic, don't seek and ye shall not find. Listen to everyone telling you what the truth is and ye shall not find the truth, but only find someone else's ideas of truth. And everyone THINKS they know the truth, but rarely is it the whole truth outside the mind's thinking prison of conforming to what other's think and believe.


What would reality be without thinking and believing? Not possible to KNOW and no amount of thinking is going to reveal it because as I said, thinking is the big distraction of the present now, where the entry way is not guarded, locked, or closed; ever. The many have been conned into believing in a world of Original Sin when in reality, in the now and present moment, there is always Original Blessing.


So it comes down to the choice of belief or the awareness of the living truth. The truth will set you free if you let it...


I'm reminded of a line I read in a story that is the perfect understanding of living in the head or living in the heart:


You can’t live with people you love and not be honest.  The love dies if you’re not honest. Even more so, you can't live with yourself and not be honest. The love dies if you're not honest with yourself, authentic with yourself, present with yourself, accepting of yourself completely with no exceptions whatsoever. To not do so is a fall from grace, from divinity, from the very essence of love and life itself. Honesty and truthfulness are one in the same.


To BE or not to BE, that is the question...



10-17-13 -


A boy streaked, was arrested and killed himself rather than be placed upon the sex offender's register for 'indecent exposure'

I find all of the adults involved in this event from school officials, to law enforcement, the news team, and the ridiculous Church and State ideologies that led to a teenager killing himself criminal. When I listen to these ignorant fools babble on about their deluded morality and righteousness, making something that was done in our day into someone being a sex offender, makes me realize how incompetent and mentally unstable these sorts of people are. Someone kills themselves and all they care about is their morality, their righteousness, and their need for obedience and control over others to live in the same prison as they do. What a sorry existence that is.

"If the human race survives, future men will, I suspect, look back on our enlightened epoch as a veritable Age of Darkness. . . .They will see that what was considered 'schizophrenic' was one of the forms in which, often through quite ordinary people, the light began to break into our all-too-closed minds."

          - The Wing of Madness: The Life & Work of R.D. Laing


10-19-13 -

"When people do not want to see something, they get mad at the one who shows them."

          - Julia Cameron



"You cannot hurry toward Peace, only away from it. We now move at such a pace in our lives, that adrenaline is often driving us along - rushing from one thing to the next - and adrenaline is addictive. So we need to become aware when we are running on adrenaline, looking for the next stimulus, and then we step out of this addictive behaviour. How? Just stop what you are doing. Stop the thought processes that are happening, breathe and become aware of how you feel. Come to your senses, and relax in this moment... Understand that the peace and contentment you seek must be allowed to come into this moment by you. Do not block it by rushing toward another moment, physically or mentally, or by chasing thoughts, or indulging your emotions. Stop all of this, and allow your heart and mind to be still, here and now, as you read these words. Breathe... Relax... and allow your heart to rest. Enjoy the peace that comes from going nowhere, chasing nothing... just feeling how you feel, and experiencing this moment..."





10-30-13 -


"Learning to make art rather than make drama from a heated imagination is a skill best learned early and practiced fully."

          - Julia Cameron


There is great wisdom in this quote beyond just making art, it's rooted in our very existence beyond the extremely limiting belief systems the many cling to in quiet desperation, while wearing silly masks forged in delusions from others of which few if any question, that give us a pretend game of satisfaction, contentment, completeness. Beyond the masks and beliefs is freedom, true freedom here and now; not off in some distant past or future. Freeing oneself from this muckery is like extricating one's self from a quantum tar pit or quicksand. This is what living in the head does, it sucks you into a quantum gravitational field of non-existent fantasies fueled by a desire to escape the truth of now and those desires are judgments, reactions that cause great distortions blinding and forming one from the presence of awareness. What comes to mind for me is envisioning a clay vessel being created, formed, molded, and eventually hardened.


One cannot escape now because it is what it is, yet true creative spirit, which is what we all are, can create beyond the limitations of belief, because it is all of creation beyond imagination or anything anyone could possibly KNOW. One way is the truth, the other non-truth, and going against the truth can only lead to pain and suffering. Any story that states otherwise is just the mind seeking to keep one in the tar pits and struggling with the quicksand's of the mind, forever maintaining the living out of limited worthless fantasies. The importance of the truth is actually the power of awareness, of seeing through the delusions, the games that have been played ad nauseum for thousands of years by people who profess to KNOW.


The problem with knowing is it's a game rooted in the past, so how could anyone possibly know what is outside the known? The problem with knowing is it creates a closed system that shuts out the awareness of what is known. Knowing is a blocking movement, a veritable animated process of creating a fictitious drama, a projection on a blank wall, that is not real at all. Humanity is living in a fantasy world born of reason, born of what is known and the many are moving forwards into a supposed future walking backwards because their focus is on looking backwards on the past that is the only point of reference they can possibly KNOW. The many have been conditioned to condition themselves, convincing themselves, entrenching themselves in make-believe stories as their foundation of truth; in reality it's the foundation of untruths much like a house of cards.


These stories are created with subtle electro-magnetic (EM) energies that form chains that bind one to the stories rather than reality itself. These EM forces are similar to those that bind electrons, protons, neutrons to atoms. Thinking is the same way, binding one to become attracted or repulsed by particulates of ideas that create what one wants to believe rather than what the actual truth is. The reality of truth comes down to seeing what is really there without living in your head pretending the truth doesn't exist. Then many cannot tell the difference between truth and fantasy because they are unwilling to step out of the known. They don't know that they don't know the truth, because truth is not something KNOWN; truth is not a belief.


The freedom in seeing the whole truth is not a prison, is not a limitation, but rather being like the air and water flowing with the truth, being the truth, seeing the truth and being open to divine guidance to navigate within the living truth with honesty, integrity, completeness, peace, and love. The land of fantasy is like a war zone, and one cannot know this because the beliefs one clings to make one deaf, dumb, and blind to the truth of not being aware. The immense effort to avoid the truth is like setting off a hydrogen bomb and then holding it in check. That is the immense power of belief, of imagination, of creation. That is the source of pain and suffering, the resistance and avoidance of the truth.


All of us are the truth, are divine guidance, are love, are peace, are complete beyond the ideas of knowing and believing. The only way out of the trap is to let go of what you think you know in order to see what is really there. The fear that arises from thinking about this is merely an illusion created in order to maintain limitations to stay within the comforts of solitary confinement in the mind. The so called comforts and security the many cling to are just as ugly as a person locked in solitary confinement, doing time in the prison of beliefs, walled in by outdated, rotted, stale, dried out, petrified wood frozen and molded in time past gone.


Children already have this freedom at birth where they learn and grow and leg go of what no longer works, exploring, seeking with curiosity until they run smack dab into the wall and prison of conformity; insanity. That same child-like essence is still there being freedom itself because the dimension of existence is not relegated or limited by the 3rd dimension. Divinity is not form and that is the delusion that imprisons one into limitations of form. Believing that 3D life is all that exists is nothing more than a belief, a negating charged with denying the fullness of 4D existence. Believing shuts out the miracle of life, but that doesn't mean divinity disappears, because it is still there in all things, being both form and formless simultaneously, being whole and inseparable, except for humans who have the ability to fantasize otherwise. 


This ability is a vast deception of great magnitude, a destructiveness that is every bit as destructive as if a hydrogen bomb had gone off, because it creates a rift in time, a denial of the present now disabling the timelessness that is the existence of divinity, disabling in the sense that one denies the truth, goes against the truth, pretends in something other than the truth and this rift is the denial of now and clinging to the past as if it were the only thing that existed; call it tunnel vision or being like a horse wearing blinders or wearing a hood over one's head or turning away to avoid or doing something as a distraction from the wholeness of truth. In truth, people really have no idea what the fullness of creation is like, what awareness is like, because they are mostly strangers to its existence. Love is its name and going against love is what creates fear. The only two fears we are born with are fear of loud noises and heights; all the rest are culturally learned through conditioning.


The only way to find out what the truth is by beginning to explore with your inquisitiveness and curiosity. Its been said that curiosity killed the cat, but in truth, this saying has been used by people who are imprisoned within the "prison of believing" to CONVINCE those who are beginning to awaken to the delusional stories. FEAR is used to CONVINCE those who are waking up to go back to sleep. The fear is what has everyone trapped in delusion and it feels comforting only because they KNOW what to do to be accepted; it's called quiet desperation. The stories are such that those maintaining them are convinced the world will come to an end and of course it will. What comes to an end is the pain and suffering, the delusions, the insanity, the fear, the anger, the hatred, the violence, and believing in the limitations of fantasy stories.


Ultimately, each person has to become aware to certain degree in order to realize that there is more to life than what they have been taught to BELIEVE. Divine curiosity will lead the way to people, places, and things that will begin the awakening process. That divine curiosity is what you are rooted in, are an extension of; nothing but truth itself. Something to explore and contemplate on and the article Fear: Anger, Hate, & Violence explicitly relates this koan:


When our pain and suffering is greater than our fear of change,

then and only then will we change.


Keep in mind that what the actual experience of this is extremely rare in occurrence; we don't know because we are locked in patterned grid lock beyond comprehension by most. It is like how the earth is compacted with density, grounded, firm and human thinking can become the same density that feels right. Also, if one is true to themselves, this will continue to happen because this is what life unfolding feels like. It's a natural outflow from awareness, just like nature grows, flows, and flourishes other life to express itself and humans are just one aspect of a whole being of beings being Oneness.




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