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September 2010




9/26/10 -

Inspirational video - Turning disappointment into joy: SURFice dog Ricochet

Surf Dog Ricochet and Ian - Excerpt from "Going The Distance

We all have within us an authentic Being that seeks to express its divine essence. The problem with cultures is they seek to judge that divine expression into something that can be squeezed into a confining box for the sake of conforming to limited beliefs. Limited beliefs are created when one judges aspects of themselves deemed unworthy by some other limited judgmental person. I will say it again; one limits themselves because of what some other limited person thinks about them. Does the Sun go around worrying about what the planets and stars think about it? Nope. Does the water worry about what the earth, fire, wood, and metal think about it? Nope. Limited people have all these categories that are like individual bars on a prison cell that effectively stifle their authentic self.

The many are stifled and imprisoned in fear, anger, hatred; these are rooted in judgments; in fear. Fear is the cause of these judgments. Fear is the anti-thesis of love, it is the hatred of love; a fear of love; a fear of the divine. Self-loathing does this, self-hatred born of listening to the judgments that arise from within, and from "believing" in the judgments of others. Ironically, their judging arises from their own self-loathing and self-hatred. One believes these judgments only if they give credence to the voice of fear that presents itself within. This voice/presence of fear can only be overcome by discerning between love and fear; non-judgment and judgment.

It's one thing to disagree with someone and another to judge them as being bad or less than or sick or some other aspect that one deems to put one's self above the other. It's one thing to not desire to do a particular thing or support some idea or thing versus judging something or someone. Choosing to not do something based on it not feeling right for you is vastly different; it's called listening to one's deeper self. The same thing with not agreeing with some idea as it does not resonate with one's deeper self. This discerning process takes time to truly know directly. Much effort and time is required to remove the layers of enculturated beliefs that pretend to be living truths. By living truth I mean being tuned in to your deeper being.

People do a lot of thinking and come to believe this thinking that goes on is their Being. Not so. Conditioning has taught a rigidity of thinking patterns; yes patterns; limiting patterns. These patterns are set up in such a way as to have dug deep trenches if you will, that have been worn into the ground from countless repetitive thinking; monotonously so. One has gotten themselves so deeply rutted that they can no longer see the horizon, only the walls of the deep trench they are immersed in. How does one discern if this is the case? Simply, one merely begins to observe the ongoing thoughts that parade through your mind.

The mind is not the brain as you have been conditioned to "believe." The mind cannot be contained in physical object or matter, as it is not matter. Your mind, your consciousness is pure spirit and as such is not limited by space and time as you know it; as you have been conditioned to know it. As one begins this inner observation of their thoughts, eventually it becomes apparent that there is a lot more going on there than was originally thought; again the problem is thoughts or rather the quality of thoughts; fear vs. love. On further observation it becomes apparent how often negative thoughts present themselves. It becomes apparent that one has been listening to these thoughts as their "truth;" not so.

Just because one has thoughts does not mean they belong to you. Think of the inner mindscape like our own world where there are many different forms of broadcasted media transmitting into the ethers; radio, television, microwave, satellite and a host of other forms. The same goes on within the mind/psyche scape that is similar to the physical universe. You are a living organic being living in a living matrix of divine matter/spirit and as such, it is time to let go of the limited ways in which you have been "believing." There is no believing, only awareness of the ongoing tempo of life. of existence. Just as one experiences the sound and presence of other life forms in the physical wilderness of the forests, or meadows so do these other life forms exist in the inner wilderness.

The difference in the inner wilderness is that the only power those life forms have over you is through the deception of impinging thoughts into your consciousness with the hopes you will "believe" they are your thoughts; not so. If you have ever seen a homeless alcoholic arguing and yelling at some invisible entity on the streets, then you can begin to understand what I am getting at here. Those alcoholics will tell you there is someone or rather some thing there that is harassing them. If you spend enough time in their presence listening and observing, it becomes quite obvious that this is fact. There is no need of some "expert" to tell you this truth. What modern therapy will tell you is they are hallucinating or talking to themselves or mentally ill. The experts have come to weave a fairy tale that convinces the masses that hearing voices is a mental illness.

If this is true, then one has to come to terms that all of have inner voices telling us what to believe and to act, as this is what we all do on a daily basis; this is so. When one is thinking without awareness, one believes they are just having a talk with themselves. When one becomes a conscious observer to their inner thoughts, then it becomes possible to discern between those that are negative or positive; those that are based in fear or love. The following two links are outlines for discernment:

True Guidance vs. False Guidance


Ego Versus Spirit Voices


We are all able to tune into various frequencies of consciousness all around us. The problem has been that we have assumed all of what we are tuning into is our own consciousness; not so. When one begins to learn how to discern, one begins to understand how they have been manipulated, coerced, intimidated into obeying these broadcasts. The importance of observation serves two functions:


  • Observation is necessary to collect data for the purpose of making informed decisions. Without discernment, one believes whatever is presented.

  • Observation brings about awareness of the inner Observer and the understanding that this Observer is your inner Being.

The many are unaware of this observer due to being so enthralled in the external world. An analogy of this would be similar to being so caught up in a TV program or movie at the theater and aware of nothing else until the movie comes to an end. In these examples, the observer is not aware of itself as the observer and is caught up in the drama as real; not so. Living in fear or limitation is fantasy; pure and simple. When one begins to realize this ongoing onslaught of programming, then one is free to begin the discernment process from their own truth, rather than some outside person as a purveyor of truth.


This is not to say that some external person has no truth, however if you do not know the truth for your own self based on your own inner awareness, then you are dependent on externals for your truth. Truth is not a thinking process, nor is it a college education or reading a book. Truth simply arises, it resonates within and that is where the discernment process comes in. Discerning does not require thinking, rather it requires presence, awareness, observation of what is arising within, navigating through the waters of various species of thoughts seeking those that are in alignment with love rather than fear.


Examples of this are direct experience versus reading or hearing about experiences from another. Someone tells you about the potential for burning your hand on a hot stove burner is vastly different from bringing your hand close to a hot burner and feeling it for yourself. Awareness is always the key. Awareness is discernment, is presence, is non-judgment. One is not judging the hot burner as bad or something to fear. Awareness is not fear, it is the presence of your Being in its natural state of timelessness. One must then ask what is past and future tripping then, is it not part of Being? Not so.


Past and future tripping are aspects of other forms of consciousness, who out of necessity, require your "belief" in their thought forms. Your Being is not interested in past or future tripping in the negative context that fear creates:


Fear of not being good enough

Fear of not getting what you want

Fear of being hurt

Fear of being abandoned


Fear has an agenda, which is to keep you away from the awareness of your Being and that you are love itself.


As one begins to be in the presence of their Being, they become aware of their inherent essence and in their presence of their divine essence. One understands they are one of a kind expression of the divine.


In a state of unconsciousness, of unawareness, of following along unquestioningly, one simply believes whatever it is they have been trained and conditioned to believe themselves to be. All pain and suffering arise from this unbalanced state of existing without full awareness of Being. As one begins to awaken, it can feel like a nightmare, like there is one part of you and another part, which then causes a conflict. The conflict is based in fear, of fear not wanting you to experience the fullness of your awareness of Being, for once one does this, the game begins to come to an end.


The process of awakening requires one to continually use discernment to break free from the habitual patterns of thoughts that act as programming in the mind, which then drives you on the highway that always has the destination of fear in mind. A weak mind has no ability to discern, which is to say the discernment muscle is in a state of atrophy:


Muscle Atrophy:

Alternative names : Atrophy of the muscles, Muscle wasting, Wasting

Definition : The wasting or loss of muscle tissue resulting from dis-ease or lack of use

Overview and Considerations:

The majority of muscle atrophy in the general population results from dis-use. People with sedentary jobs and senior citizens with decreased activity can lose muscle tone and develop significant atrophy. This type of atrophy is reversible with vigorous exercise.


Discernment atrophy comes from dis-use and lack of awareness. In essence, this whole discernment atrophy arises from being born into any culture, as it begins the process of training and orienting a child into the "right" way of thinking and acting. Some are better than others, but no culture is free from discernment atrophy completely. Your divine Being has no need of culture, as it is already complete and has awareness and abilities that are far beyond what is currently allowed or understood.

Atrophy arises from getting caught up in obeying external cues and internal negative cues for truth on how to express one's self. This always leads to limiting what is not accepted, when gives rise to a lack of self-acceptance. Not accepting all of your divine self always leads to self-loathing and self-hatred. Even a small amount of limitations is a form of self-loathing and self-hatred. Your self-respect arises from full expression of your divine nature, of your divine Being. The illumination of your Being radiating out into the world is indicative of your self-respect, self-love, self-esteem, self-confidence.

One might have judgments about this or about where one currently finds themselves in their awareness, but again this is only the influence of fear working diligently to keep you imprisoned. Letting go is essential to this process, as letting go is indicative of being present and aware in any given moment. Listening without reacting is essential to non-judgment. Listening is discernment is observation, is being tuned into the various feelings that arise, noting their base resonance as guideposts to the ongoing state of consciousness on the inner planes within.

Judgments serve to hook you into reacting into varied states of fear. Their sole purpose is to ensure you are not free, but imprisoned in fear, guilt, and shame, much like a fish is hooked on a fish line and caught for someone's dinner. When one reacts in fear, they generate a negative energetic vibration that is nourishment to varied life forms on the inner planes. Simply put, fear creates pain and suffering to the level we react to negative thought forms. The only cure is to begin discerning and acting on what you become aware of, which is to stop reacting to the fears. If one will merely observe whether or not the fear is based in the past or future, then one creates substantial awareness as to what the fear is rooted in.

The past and future do not exist. If you are constantly focusing on what happened in the past, then you will continue to re-create the past over with all the pain and suffering. If you continue to future trip about what isn't, then that too will continue to be re-created. The only reason for pain and suffering is fear; resistance to what is; lack of awareness to use your creative power to choose differently and express your divine nature. Expressing your divine nature does not mean you live an impoverished life; far from it.

Your divine creator Being knows how to create and bring about what you authentically desire. Being driven by greed or neediness or wanting for the sake of being good enough or wanting to be liked by being well off are not authentic desires. Nor is wanting to have power over others by manipulating or dictating to them. Being authentic requires nothing from anyone, it is being in full awareness of your divine nature/grace. What you see in the world currently is the struggle for the dominance of fear. Love has no need to struggle or fight with fear; this is what fear would have you believe. Love radiates like the Sun. Fear are like clouds that blow in and cover up the Sun. One believes the Sun to have disappeared, but it is still there behind the clouds. The clouds are an illusion, just as fear is. Nothing can harm this Sun. Your  Being can never be harmed; it is always there.

Seek to know your authentic self.



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