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Here are two images expressed through painting while going through the worst of my Kundalini during the first two years. When you visualize this, you can begin to realize that you actually feel this intensity flowing through your body. My artwork is energetic in nature, meant to bring about healing and awareness. Feel free to browse and see what imagery or insights arise from them. They are as alive as everything else in this world.


My Kundalini was opened during the early months of 2000. I also realize much of the bodywork, body movement, and breathwork prepared me for this, as did the plant medicine used for becoming conscious.  With the passing of time and having gained considerable integration in body, mind, and spirit, it is evident that most of the excruciating pain and suffering that occurred were due to the lesser mind (ego) reacting to having its illusions brought to light. You must understand that all the reacting, freaking out, terror, fear, anxiety, depression, and even the physical pain are all elements of the egoic mind and its border guards reacting, trying to keep you imprisoned.


Below are some links to various sites, each offering helpful information. Information helps to alleviate the fear that can arise, especially when those around you have no idea what you are talking about, as well as medical doctors. There are professionals who know about this and can help. The information on these sites can educate you about Kundalini,  the process, and do's and don'ts. Also realize that no two people go through the exact same process of opening, as we have our consciousness shut down in different ways in body and mind. Some will tell you yoga or meditation or breathwork is the only way. For the record, that actually causes severe problems to others. So, pay attention to what your body is telling you. Ultimately you are responsible for your own well being. What works for one person may not work for another and if someone believes this to be true, then its best to find someone less dogmatic.


Kundalini  Book List


3HO International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association (IKYTA)


The Kundalini Research Network


Kundalini Short Circuits - Risks & Information


Kundalini Awakening Systems 1


Kundalini Research Foundation


Kundalini Care


The Biology Of Kundalini: The Fire Of Life


The Mysterious Power Of The Kundalini


Shared Transformations


Kundalini Complications


Kundalini - Gateway


A Kundalini, Aura & Chakra Web Site


Key to the Gnosis


Articles/Conversations by Gopi Krishna


Kundalini Survival Guide


Kundalini Survival & Support


Kundalini Information & Resource site


Institute For Consciousness Research


Spiritual Competency Resource Center


Library of Religion & Spirituality


Council On Spiritual Practices


The Soul's Journey


Stuart Sovatsky




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Updated: 7/27/13