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Negative Thoughts

By David J. Lincoln

Negative thoughts are something that is often misunderstood by everybody. There is an inherent danger in thinking that positive thoughts are the answer to everything.

Life is full of positive and negative actions and the very nature of the life requires that the positive and negative be in good balance. It therefore follows that if one concentrates a lot of energy on only positive thoughts the total balance will be out. Or to put it another way, one must also give due attention to negative thoughts but as has already been pointed out by others on this list, this attention must be given in a positive way.

It does not require a great deal of thought to be able to express a negative item in a positive manner. What does require practice, however, is the ability to do this unconsciously.

Learning goes through a very clear sequence starting with what is commonly called "unconscious incompetence", which actually means that not only do you not know about something but you also don't even know that you don't know about something.

The next stage of learning is to begin to realize that you do not know about something and going to find out about it. This stage is commonly called "conscious incompetence".

The ultimate aim of learning is to rise to the stage that is often called "unconsciously competent" which in fact means that you will do something without any sort or prior decision process taking place. This is the state one must achieve in handling negative thoughts.

There are other stages of learning between unconsciously incompetent and unconsciously competent but we are not looking at this at the moment. It could be said that before you can put your life into good balance you must first see where your life is out of balance. The question of negative thinking is a only a small part of balancing your life. As with so many things it really requires a complete holistic approach to your lifestyle, taking into consideration all aspects of your mental physical and spiritual well-being.

I hope that this small article has enabled some people to examine the negative aspects of their life in a more positive way and created a new understanding in the way things are.

I do not possess to have all the answers and of course a lot of people will disagree with a lot of what I say. I do however practice what I preach and are happy to receive all comments both positive and negative. I can assure you that all negative comments will be received in a very positive way.

David J Lincoln February 2008

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Updated: 7/29/13