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"Out Of The Valley Of Shadows"


By Sherman R. Buck


I woke from sleep, groggy, almost paralyzed. My mind was present enough, but it had no control over my body. I wondered if perhaps I might still be dreaming. No, because I could hear the birds talking amongst themselves in the tree overhead. My body was slow in catching up with my mind. Perhaps the shock of coming back to this reality was taking its toll. This incarnation had allowed me to free myself from the place of exile within. I'd been able to travel back and forth from source. Much of what I healed and integrated at source was lost to the fog of this place. The veil fluttered in the wind.

After a time, with much effort and coaxing, my body began to warm to the harmonics and free itself. I was able to sit up and prop myself against the old tree. I felt the presence of the tree spirit as it energetically balanced out my energy field. Looking down into the valley, I was met with the iridescence of the morning Sun vibrating off the swirling fog. The whole valley was hidden from view. The fog was alive, busy keeping whatever was below, hidden from eye sight. Within myself, I sensed forces of light building, preparing for the darkness that was gathering below.

By noon, I was fully awake and functional on all levels. The fog had still not lifted, as if it were impervious to the warmth and brightness of the light. An odd faint voice began to call me from within, calling for me to come into the fog. I stood up and began to walk down towards the valley. Upon reaching the outer edges of the fog, I could see the air around me full of electricity. Flickering light danced around within the mist.  I waited a moment, then stepped into the fog, and felt the energy crackle about me. I could feel it, and yet was not bothered by the force.

This dark energy was seeking a way in to take control of me. It's force was strong and incredibly dense, filling the space for miles. If I hadn't known better, I would've been deceived by its size alone. But I knew this energy well, having been imprisoned by it for many incarnations. I knew that this energy needed to have something to connect too, a hook, an opposite of love. Fear is what it fed off and it needed it to sustain its own life force. The charge danced around, seeking a reaction from any higher life forms, to feed off their energetic processes.

This is why I had come here. This plane of existence needed a healer to effect an energetic transformation from dark to light. A shift was necessary in order to free soul's chained to thoughts of fear. Spirit had spent a great deal of time showing me how energy comes in various forms and is all things. Specifically, the lessons had been about teaching me to understand how fear is a negative energy, which binds a person's mind in an energetic prison that shuts out the light partially or completely, depending on the circumstances of cultural trauma. At some point, I began to feel the energy building. This was a sign the darkness would attack soon, with the fury of a nuclear blast, the type of which humankind were still unaware of. One could never tell when or where it would strike. But, the one sure sign I could count on, would be when the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. Several minutes later, my warning came, the energy creeping up my spine to the crown chakra. I stopped, waited, and steadied my inner universe in preparation for the task at hand.

The dark energy hit me from behind, entering my back and surrounding my heart chakra. The battle view was now internal, as it has always been. I was now on the inner plane. I turned around and there it was, looking like a huge sky scraper before me. As I stood there, its size reminded me of one of the old trade towers that had fallen. That was symbolic of things to come. To flinch or falter would end in annihilation. I had been briefed on this more times than I cared to remember. But, they had made it really clear that I would wind up back in another incarnation cycle of indeterminate length. The dark energy was blistering with a rage born of fear, consumed with anger, and compressed with hatred; self hatred born of a shard of light lost in the dark madness of eternity. The force surged forward to consume me. Just before it reached contact point, I surrendered myself completely to spirit as I had been taught to do. In doing so, a channel was opened and the light from source entered my being and expanded out with the intensity of a huge Sun going nova, literally swallowing the entire mass of darkness in the light. Only the light was capable of taming the dark, especially when it goes nuclear. In another instant it was gone back within my being, transformed to light at source. It never knew what happened.

The transformation process kicked in at higher level, with the light gates continuing to open, even after having just embraced the dark energy. I felt the flow in my body again, coming up the spine, only way faster this time, up through each chakra energy center. A reality shift was readying to occur; jump time. My inner eye flickered for a moment, and then a golden view took the place of where I'd been a moment ago. Odd scenes played themselves out, as if watching a million television screens all at the same time. I sensed some of the images were familiar, while others were unknown, and yet I could not tell you what I saw, only fleeting intuitions. less than a second transpired, when I suddenly found myself standing on an unfamiliar vista, looking out into a vast plain in the twilight of coming night. Many miles away in the distance, was this incredibly bright, shimmering, silver bridge, bigger than any man-made bridge I'd ever seen. The whole thing was solid energy and it dawned on me that this was the Antakrana I'd read about. I just kept standing there gazing, wondering what was going to transpire upon reaching the bridge...

This story is copyrighted 2000 by Sherman R. Buck All rights reserved.


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Updated: 7/21/2013