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"Music at the Stairs"


I stand at the stairs to heaven. I heard this music, flutes calling to me. I stood listening, drawn. My spirit vibrating, expanding outwards, upwards, wanting to leave. This journey unknown, bringing tears as I stand here. Weeping, cleansing, freeing me, my Self, Spirit. Wings unfold, destiny beckoning, each stair a note scaling up into the upper regions beyond the music staff. A feeling thought free, humming, vibrating. The music stops momentarily. Hearing voices now, telling, talking, teaching someone on the music, the playing of each note, each stair. Long drawn out notes, duets of souls calling, sharing, blending. Creating music so beautiful I want to melt, be all at once free. A butterfly floating, rising on the currents, no strings, no cares, all knowing of the spirit set free.


These stairs look barren, nothing there, going nowhere but up. Long hard climb, cold, alone. Yet these voices calling, singing, music playing to lost souls, places long forgotten. My feelings on fire, wanting to join with these wondrous sounds. I drop all I have, all I know, all I want for these. Nothing else matters as my spirit flows, escaping from the chains that have bound me to this place no more. My hair stands on end. My body naked of coldness, warms to the flow of harmonics. Harmony golden as the wind, blowing through my hair, like love cascading from the endless corners of the Universe. Tingling thoughts going in all directions, piercing all darkness. Humanity listening and hearing, yet feigning no interest, brings the call of life louder, more resilient. Vibrations so deep that they shatter denial, darkness, fear, chains that bind you, us, me, they, them. The deep resonance makes my nerves light on fire, emoting a fierceness that parts the doors, the walls. Deep long vibrant longing, whispering through atoms that dance to thoughts chained. Vibrations calling forth the essence of each atom to align, to be, to come forth in love no longer thwarted and imprisoned.


Change is coming here at the stairway. I feel my body warming, expanding, losing hold on the reality which I have belonged for too long. Whispers, just whispers in the light, echoes in the unknown calling from above. I feel the flow of All coming. This viscosity coating my being, golden nectar seeping in, healing all, making whole who I am.


Sherman R. Buck

December 06, 1995