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"Prince Aaron II"


The water has a life it's own. It becomes a river, which I am swept

away in. No use trying for the banks, cause that's where all humanity

huddles in quiet and not so quiet desperation. Drowning one another

trying to get out of the river looking for safety. An illusion, as if

the river would never overflow the banks. Silly fools, yet I ponder

that possibility. I don't know where I am or where I am going. The

water holds me up if I go with it, if not, then I become tired. I

think I know what my outcome will be.


We are going some place because the river flows to that place,

somewhere. This river is warm, and I cry like a baby. Wanting to

empty the fathoms of my pain, wanting something that gnaws at my

sanity incessantly. I try to quiet this wanting, but it has a life

all it's own. I don't have the ability to stop this than I do the

dreams that drench my being, rattling the bones and iron bars in this

cagey world. All I have been up to this moment, has been one big

figment of humanities imagined fears. How quaint. Makes me want to puke.


The river cleanses the slime from my mouth. Stories told and

untold wrap around me in the waters. Churning up a frenzy that

reminds me of piranha and I panic. But, it's not me they are after,

it's the stories. I think back to all those moments of knowledge,

ideas, dreams, and it is puzzling to wonder where this is leading.

Could I know and not need to know. Would it matter? Am I only one,

only a mirror. Here I go again...


Mirror Mirror on the wall

I have gone over the wall

I've been looking in the mirror

Now it's on the other side

Fleeting images gone from its face

Reminds me of the human race

The questions I asked of it were answered in riddles


Here I stand true to nature

Standing naked like a tree

Shed your coat from your limbs

Grown in Spring and Summer

Does Fall to Winters ground


Where do I go from here?

One door leads only to another

Am I free to come and go as I please?

Like ice cream, pick a flavor for your Savior

Which one shall I have today?


Enjoy the moment but don't you stay

Relish in the whirlwind of cosmic adventure

Be the fool or the King or anything in between

Step right up, pick your reality, really be real

So, what is that, a figment of my imagination?

Where I imagine some assumption, what an ass


What does it all mean?

Dreams drift and shift, a gift to tell

Illusions or real, hard to tell

Here one minute, gone the next

Dream or reality, read the text


Am I about to wake in those moments

Or is it the winds of change, fate blowing me

Along the river of life


Sherman R. Buck

October 26, 1995

(Inspired by Aaron R.)