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"Surrealist Sexuality"


So sexually alive, horny, feeling, emotional

Drawn to something, an urge with every kind of being imaginable

It's driving me, pushing, pulling, twisting, flooding me

Feelings pumping, swelling, engorging, rising, gasping my breath, expanding my chest

Tingling everywhere on my body, sweltering surges, urges wanting to be purged

Maximum level of sexual awareness being accessed finally


Now pushing me to the rendezvous, crashing on the beach and pummeled

With wave after wave melding into the sand, rubs my skin, my desire raw

Burning, oozing, gasping for breath and wanting still more

To be engulfed with the pounding of waves, sensations of engulfing tides

Threatening to pull me into the vast depths that I am

Confronted, gasping for air, for control, and yet the feelings still come

Pushing me beyond the known into the dark waters


Hands reach for my shoulders and I feel the warmth of arms encircling my chest

As I'm pulled from the waters edge, up into the warm soft sand

Where someone known gently caresses my neck with soft wet kisses

Cool wind swirls ecstatic circles across the plains of my body

Limp exhausted voyager am I

Aground until the next tide, the next journey, with some spirited soul


Sherman R. Buck

May 15, 1995