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The Effects of Body  Work on Consciousness

By Sherman R. Buck

I have done quite a bit of bodywork over the years. My first experience was with Rolfing, where I did a series of 10 sessions. I found these to be quite beneficial in beginning the process of becoming acquainted with my body. Between years of cultural conditioning and almost five years in the Army, had given me quite a lot of layers, of what Wilhelm Reich called armoring, to work through. While going through the process, I also began to read about Rolfing from practitioners and clients perspectives. These helped me a great deal in understanding what was going on. In hindsight, it really didn't matter that I understood. In all probability, this only slowed down the process of letting go of the armoring, with needing to know what was going on. What I know and feel today could have been available 10 years ago.

Cultural conditioning (domestication) causes a great deal of suppression of our Being. The body is a portal if you will, an interface with which our Being interacts from the spiritual dimension into the dimension with which we call reality here on Earth. Because of a great deal of suppression of our being from cultural conditioning, we have learned to embody the stress, trauma, and emotional upheaval that arises from going against authentic self. These attributes arise from suppressing the natural flow of the energies of consciousness, including spiritual, creative, and sexual energies. How these are suppressed and stored is a complex system. Body work helps to release these stored energies

Because of a great deal of suppression of our Being from cultural conditioning, we have learned to embody the stress, trauma, and emotion created from going against our authentic nature. How this is stored is an incredible process. But, bodywork helps to release this stored up energy. This energy is effectively blocked within our bodies in multi-dimensional ways and it layers itself inter-dimensionally as well. Releasing one layer creates a chain reaction for others to begin to open, move, and release; sort of like glacial ice moving down the mountain to the sea and melting as it moves along until eventually becoming water. I've had muscles and trigger points extremely sore for days afterwards from energetic releases, both from bodywork and breathwork. One particular experience came from a release doing rebirthing breathwork. After the emotional release of remembering my birth, my whole back felt like a dump truck full of gravel had been removed from it, as well as being sore for days afterwards.

After going through ten sessions of Rolfing, I went on with my life, getting stuck in thinking about life and didn't really do an awful lot except express myself through painting a lot, which was an incredible form of healing for me. Six years later, I had my first rebirthing experience, which encompasses using breathwork to release suppressed energy, stress, trauma. I have to say that I experienced my entire birthing process as a child. We "think" that our early experiences are unavailable to us, but this is not true. Anyone can access these through numerous ways. This helped me in ways that have been a blessing to my waking up and healing process. I wound up doing an additional session as well.

At some point I got into Breath, Sound, and Movement classes at school and in the community. I learned a great deal about Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique, Continuum, Reichian Therapy, and some I don't know the name of . I did this for two years and it became obvious to me how beneficial this was to body, mind, soul, and spirit. I learned a great deal about my five senses, as well as more subtle forms of sensing we have. Needless to say, I began to access more of my vulnerability. Before I graduated from Fairhaven College, I had two sessions of DFA done, which really began the deeper process of healing and integration for me.


After graduating from Fairhaven College, I moved to Oakland to attend graduate school. While there, I enrolled in some Rosen Method Body Movement classes. During one class, I was able to become conscious of an old holding pattern from an injury I had to my left shoulder, from playing football as a teenager. I was able to release this completely and the pain is now gone. I also got into a Rosen Method body work sessions and this was extremely beneficial to opening up my heart chakra. During the sessions, I would see this bright green color in my third eye, which I came to realize later was the color of the heart chakra. I suggest reading the book, "Anatomy of Spirit" by Caroline Myss, for further explanations surrounding the bodies chakra system. There was a time when I thought this was non-sense. But from my bodywork experiences, I have come to realize we are energy beings. Science has shown through quantum mechanics that everything is energy, in fact, nothing is really dead at all. I also went on to have some sessions in Cranialsacral, Acupressure, and Acupuncture sessions. (See my link on various types of bodywork.)


Our bodies are incredible organic beings in and of themselves, with incredible abilities of feelings, sensing, healing, and housing our spiritual being. I have become so sensitive in my body that I can feel someone touch me before their hands even touch me. My first encounter of this was with a friend who is an acupressurist and massage healer. he had his hands a foot or so above my chest, getting ready to do his work. I literally felt his energetic touch on my energy fields from my chest down to my knees. There is a great deal more that comes from this, like being able to feel energy moving within the body, spiritual visions, etc.


Upon my return to Washington, I began doing more sessions of DFA. These continued the deeper work to levels I am still amazed by. having been through a major kundalini awakening, I am extremely sensitive to energy, my own intense flows, as well as of the energy around me in the world, both positive and negative. My work with the DFA practitioner was remarkable in learning how I was embodying belief patterns within my body posturing and how it affected my health and well being. Much of my lower back pain, neck pain, and other body pains went away because I became aware of the postures of holding myself that created the pain. I also became aware of the very subtle processes by which I had learned to shut down my energy and pull back from situations in the world. We all do this and it is akin to powering ourselves down in ways that can limit us to extensive degrees. It affects our relationships with work, friends, sex, intimacy, our bodies health, the health of our minds, etc.


I cannot say enough about bodywork. I have had counseling, which was helpful in the sense that I understood what had caused the problem, but to truly heal one needs to access the body where all our memories and experiences were stored because we were not allowed to express them and heal them when they occurred. This is why children cry, to heal, and to cleanse out the energy from the situation. Adults who are shut down themselves do a great disservice to children when they tell them, "Be quiet or I'll give you something to cry about" or "It wasn't that bad." Adults do this because their egos are frightened of having to go into their own pain. We cannot heal our psycho-spiritual selves through thinking alone. It is not enough to know why, we have to feel what occurred. It is not uncommon to carry around stuff from decades ago. It is stuck energy, stored just as a battery would hold energy. Chinese medicine discusses this as stuck Chi energy, wherein dis-ease is also created from stuck energy as well.


Our life force is energy and we have been conditioned to shut it down to such incredible levels that if one were to suddenly open up to our potential, it would probably kill you. Consciousness is energy and it comes through as creativity, sexuality, and spirituality. These three are entwined in ways that never cease to amaze me. As humans, we find those who are in our energy range comfort zones. This range is effected by beliefs and patterns. If this seems irrelevant, then consider some of the beliefs our culture currently holds and what it does to individuals, both those who act on them and those who are on the receiving end of them: racism, sexism, ageism, homophobia. Ponder on what causes someone to be dysfunctional, limited, etc. A person has to be shut down as great deal to want to treat someone as if they were less than them. One has to be out of touch with their greater self to harm another. Awareness is like a dimmer switch on a lamp. The more you turn it up, the brighter the light. We are the same way. You have a dimmer switch within, if you can find it...


It's called your mind...


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Updated: 11/16/2014