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Kundalini Care


Once your Kundalini has uncoiled, the process of upgrading your nervous system has begun. Think of it as an energy grid. The nervous system is an organic living system that requires certain nutrition to maintain itself during this upgrade system. Stress increases due to the ego freaking out, as its entrenched energetic patterns begin to be purged away. Transforming your diet will make a great deal of difference in dealing with all that arises with Kundalini.

Some recommendations that I have found useful, as well as guidance received from herbalists, acupuncturists, and my own intuitive process.  


I'm also not a big fan of pharmaceuticals, since they are not organic, and they have more side effects than we are told about. We've become dependent on them to "fix" us, rather than allowing the body to naturally heal itself and create its own natural defenses towards dis-ease, which is emotionally based at its roots; My motto, know thyself, heal thy self.


         Trust your intuition as well as your cravings during this process. This is good advice for any aspect of health and well being. I often realized that I would ignore cravings or urges for certain foods, and find out from my health practitioners, who had recommended certain foods, which just happened to be what I had been ignoring. Trust that your body knows. Use organic foods because there are no pesticides, and they have a higher nutritional value, since the soils are heavily laden with petroleum based fertilizers. Most of the soils that non-organic foods are grown are depleted of nutrients, which is why agribusiness uses so much petroleum fertilizers. I've found that I actually eat less food, since I am getting more nutritious foods. While organics are more expensive, you are what you eat. I used to eat a lot more non-organics only because I wasn't getting the nutrients I needed. So, my food costs have actually lowered. I also don't get sick and I feel great because my body isn't having to process the toxins from the pesticides and preservatives.


   Eat lots of greens, such as romaine, red leaf, green leaf, and other salad mix greens. Kale and Chard are also good, as are vegetables in general. Raw or slightly steamed is best. Wheat grass, sea weed, blue-green algae, spirulina are also beneficial.

   Meat can be quite effective in grounding oneself. Nature is always showing us what is useful by example. Meat and vegetarian is diverse amongst the animal kingdom, of which we humans are woven from. In Chinese medicine, all foods are considered medicinal. When you begin to educate yourself about all foods, you begin to see that nature created these for the fundamental purpose of maintaining and healing the body, mind, and spirit.

   Drink lots of water and listen to cravings for other types of nutritious liquids. Avoiding what makes you feel worse is always good advice. Teas of varying kinds can be of benefit as well. Avoid name brands and opt for organic teas if at all possible. I recommend a herbal tea nerve tonic that was given to me by an herbalist.

   Stay away from processed food, fast food, greasy food, and foods with artificial colors, and preservatives like nitrates. Using fresh products and local also offer greater health benefits. If you cook foods, don't over cook; you lose the mineral and vitamins.

   Stay away from lots of dairy products. Yogurt and cottage cheese are beneficial for their alkaline properties. Most human diets are too acidic, hence the need for more alkaline foods.

   A good multi-vitamin, herbs, homeopathic remedies, flower essences, and essential oils

   Alcohol in general acts as a depressant. I have found that I don't care for the taste or how it makes my body feel on an energetic level.

   Caffeine is something to avoid, since it dumps the adrenal glands, which is what occurs in fight/flight mechanisms. Regular consumption of caffeine can lead to adrenal exhaustion. Shakti Gawain mentioned in one of her books how sugar and caffeine sever our inner connection to our energy source and create an addiction to them for external sources of energy. I have found this to be true, as well as increasing anxiety/stress due to the fight/flight mechanism. Sugar tends to create sugar rushes. People who have stopped consuming caffeine and sugar often got headaches, withdrawal symptoms, and became agitated. These are important signs to pay attention to with any foods. Some foods create reactions as well. Pay attention to how it makes you feel. If you are going to eat sugar, at least use organic unprocessed sugar. The refined stuff is what causes the problems. Also use sea salt instead of iodized salt.

   Drinking or eating lots of ice-cold foods/drinks is not good for the body system. Soft drinks are full of unhealthy chemicals and diet drinks are even worse.

   Know the difference between a habit and a craving

   Listen to your body when you need to rest, as well as creating space for peace and quiet.

   Drawing, painting, sculpture, pottery, gardening or other calming peaceful creative endeavors.

   Body movement classes, yoga, and dancing help get out of heads and into our bodies in order to be aware of what the body is expressing. Most tend to live in the head and are unable to hear the body when it has messages for us about our health.

   Any kind of bodywork helps to free up stuck energy that has held in various areas of the body. Fear, anger, rage, grief, sorrow are all energetic aspects that can get suppressed and held in certain areas. Bodywork opens up the energy channels to balance out chronic tension in the body. I've used acupuncture, SOMA, CranialSacral, Energy Healing, Rebirthing, Massage, Stomach Massage, reflexology, chiropractic and Rolfing with great results.

   Being in Nature is very beneficial in grounding. Walking barefoot can assist in grounding. There are chakras on the bottom of the feet that connect us to the Earth. Walking in shoes onto the grass and noticing how it feels can test this. Then take off your shoes and socks, then walk slowly and notice the difference. You may find some resistance to doing this; this is ego at work. Walking in dirt, mud, sand, or along ocean or lakeshores can be beneficial. Lying down on the ground can be of value as well.

   When Kundalini is intense, find a good sized tree to sit up against the trunk for a half hour or longer. Do not use deciduous trees until their leaves are out. Evergreen and conifer are all right to use year round.

   Water is very beneficial for cleansing our energy field, whether that be a shower, or swimming in a pond or lake or being in or near the ocean. Ocean beaches are very energetic and healing. Use your judgment as to whether a particular area feels positive or negative. The same thing with any Nature area.

   Keep your living areas clean, tidy, making it a point to open the windows to air out the rooms, doing smudges with white sage and other essential oils, and using Feng-Shui to help the flow of energy in the spaces you co-habituate. Stay away from electronic devices for long periods of time, since their energy fields can cause problems. This includes TV, computers, wireless phones, cordless phones, and microwaves.


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Updated: 7/10/10